Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My imagination went on hiatus again.  So, a post of some favorite dog related quotes and portraits I just shot & processed of the dogs will have to suffice until menopause allows my brain to function again.  

I am estimating it may be around 2017. 


We have not to gain his confidence or his 
friendship: he is born our friend; while 
his eyes are still closed, already he believes 
in us: even before his birth, he has given 
himself to man.

~Maurice Maeterlinck from "My Dog"

"The dog is a saint.  He is straightforward and 
honest by nature. He knows by instinct when 
he is not wanted; lies quite still for hours 
when his king is hard at work. But when his 
king is sad and worried he creeps up and lays 
his head on his lap. 'Don't worry. Never 
mind if they all abandon you. 
Let us go for a walk and forget all about it!'" 

~Axel Munthe

Humankind is drawn to dogs because they 
are so like ourselves - bumbling, affectionate, 
confused, easily disappointed, eager 
to be amused, grateful for kindness and 
the least attention." 

~Pam Brown, b. 1928

"He is very imprudent, a dog is.  He never 
makes it his business to inquire whether you 
are in the right or in the wrong, never bothers 
as to whether you are going up or down upon 
life's ladder, never asks whether you are rich or 
poor, silly or wise, sinner or saint.  Come luck 
or misfortune, good repute or bad, honor or 
shame, he is going to stick to you, to comfort 
you, guard you, and give his life for you..."
~Jerome K. Jerome

"Dogs, bless them, operate on the premise 
that human beings are fragile and require 
incessant applications of affection and 
reassurance.  The random lick of the hand and 
the furry chin draped over the instep are 
calculated to let the shaky owner know that a 
friend is nearby." 

~Mary McGrory

"The average dog has one request to all humankind.  

Love me." 

~Helen Exley


Mack and Murph said...

Love, love, love this post. I'm in love with those photos. Everyone looks gorgeous! And those quotes are all so true. Don't know where I'd be without my dogs!

Totally Timmy said...

great blog the pics and quotes

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Unknown said...

Fabulous quotes and beautiful portraits (don't really seem like just "pics" this time around!).

cheyne923 said...

I just posted a link to this page on Facebook. What a wonderful post!