Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Forgotten...

Tomorrow the 5 Clun Forest's are being delivered.  

Yesterday I bought three Romney ewes.  

I scheduled shearing for Thursday.  

Today John built a pen in the back of his truck with pallets for transporting our three existing sheep from Vicki's house to our new field.  (We have not yet found a reasonably priced livestock trailer.)

To Brynn, Beth, Bea, and Bonnie - the 'B' girls - all your dreams have come true.  We bought you your very own sheep.  No more traveling for hours and hours in the car just to work for a little while.  No more feeling beholden, guilty, obligated, or flat ass broke, just to see your eyes light up while we pursue our passion.  

Ranger, my dear lovable goober.  

What does this mean for you?  It means we will have more time at home with you, to scratch your tummy, cuddle on the couch, and worship at your feet.
More time for you to flip baby fish out of the water. 

More jumping

More splashing

More swimming

More playing with your friends

"It is about damn time Camera Face."

"My fans have missed me..."


Country Girl said...

Ranger's fans have missed him...

RYKER said...

Oh, how wonderful. You have fulfilled my dream. What Shepherd wouldn't want his own flock!
Congratulations to all!

Lynn said...