Friday, July 15, 2011

Beer Induced Rambling

Tonight's blogging adventure is brought to you by Beer.  2.5 large bottles of Beer to be specific.   Please forgive me as I do not typically drink, let alone drink & blog.

I am going to publish this without proof reading too - so THERE!  HA!  

Today I went with Monique to work dogs at Diane Pagel's place in Carnation.  It was cool to get Brynn on different sheep.  The sheep & draws were significantly different than what she has been used to working - which is a good thing for her.

I remembered to spray myself with bug repellent before we worked.

Note to self:  Spray the front and BACK.  Don't forget to spray your overly large arse next time.  I am presently sitting on the Mt Everest of mosquito bites.  Not that anyone will notice - it kinda blends in with the cellulite, which is so very sad.  *sigh*   Really, I was not expecting the damn 747 sized mosquito to bite me through my pants.  Guess that means my pants are as tight as skin?  Crap...I really need to lay off the bagels. 

What was I talking about?  My arse, oh yeah.....running my arse off after my dog.  Training! 

I  have been focusing on a few things in training - other than mosquitoes - it is never the same thing twice.  I am changing and adapting the training daily depending on the situation and opportunities presented with the sheep, field and other things.  I  have worked on cleaning up and opening her flanks, being correct at the top and working together as a team - rather than feeling like I am fighting her.

One thing I have been emphasizing with her is  holding a line while driving a longer distance, stretching out her comfort zone past where she wants to hook them and bring them back.  At the same time I have been working on the solution to the problem (when she does hook them) and how to undo it and get things back on line again (stopping her, flanking her back behind and back to driving - so she never gets the chance to bring them to my feet). 

Knowing what can go wrong is one thing, but having the solution to fix it is the key to helping me reduce my anxiety on the field.  Reduce my anxiety - that is the goal.  I wonder what life without anxiety would look like?

I am not feeling any anxiety right now.  Beer seems to be an effective remedy for anxiety, albeit temporary.  I wish they made 'beer pills' for the treatment of chronic anxiety.  Think of the potential!

It is time for a completely unrelated picture, just because he is a nerd. 

Last weekend we ran at the Highland Games in Mt Vernon, WA.  It was a time and points trial - completely different than anything I have ever done before.  The emphasis was getting the sheep through the obstacles for points, in the shortest amount of time.  There were no worries about crossing the course, finesse, pretty work, clean flanks or what-not.

The first day I retired with both Brynn and Beth - because my mindset was on correct work & the safety of the sheep.  Beth was working by herself - and it went no where really fast.  Brynn was just .... FAST.  Too fast for my slow brain to keep up with.  I think I did the right thing for both of them.  Better I walk away than stand at the post, yell at my dog and look like a dork.  The cool thing was you were able to finish the course helping your dog - which let you complete it on a good note.

Another completely unrelated picture.  

Brynn and her Stalker 

Sunday I finished both runs with the dogs and we didn't do to shabby (by that I mean we were not at the very bottom).  Sometime in the night I figured out what to do.  Brynn's default is to bring me sheep - so I decided to work with that and the draw.  Once Brynn brought me the sheep and we went around the post and through the third obstacle you were allowed to leave the post - and went to each obstacle and let her bring the sheep through.  By the time I opened the pen the sheep ran right in and we were done!

It wasn't pretty, but we did it.  I am proud of myself for adapting and figuring out the solution.  Instead of fighting with her, I worked with her and we got it done.  Yeah.

Oh dear doG in Heaven...did I just say something nice about myself?  I think I did...I said "I am proud of myself".  Ha ha!  That will go away the next time I walk to the post.

There is a freaking fly buzzing around my face and it keeps landing on my screen.


Dead fly.

I look around me right now, in my tiny office there are five dogs on the floor.  I remember when my kids were little I walked carefully because I was worried about stepping on little green Army men, legos or K-nex.  Have you ever stepped on a sharp little green army man in the middle of the night?  It freaking HURTS!  Now I am worried about stepping on dogs.  Soon I will be worried about stepping on my own....well...never'mind.

Why must all five dogs follow me to the loo?  Seriously, is that really necessary?  What are they afraid of?  Perhaps they think I will escape?  

Lets put in another completely unrelated photo.  I live for non-sequitur's

"camera face is sh*t faced"

 "yep, she is totally pissed!"

"Yeah, well at least I am not drooling like you do Beth...yet." 

So, this weekend I am running Brynn in Nursery and Pro-Novice at the Palm Cottage trial at Laura Vishoot's place in Cottage Grove, OR. 

Here is the running order for Nursery:

Run - 1
  1. Angie Untisz & Luke
  2. Suzie Applegate & Tru
  3. Carolynn Harwell & Brynn
  4. Teri Tucker & Jasper
  5. Mary Hamilton & Toss
  6. Dianne Deal & Gin
  7. Maggie McClure & Rob
  8. Karen Combs & Fleet
  9. Suzy Applegate & Coop
  10. Patrick Shannahan & Abby

Run 2
  1. Suzy & Tru
  2. Laura Vishoot & Tilly
  3. Carolynn & Brynn
  4. Angie & Luke
  5. Teri & Jasper
  6. Karen & Fleet
  7. Maggi & Rob
  8. Suzy & Coop
  9. Dianne & Gin
I have accepted my role this weekend is to subsidize the rest of the Nursery Class.

I think I will push the limits on my Ativan dosage prior to running Brynn.   Maybe I can ask Dianne to give Brynn a dirty look and a good stern "Ah Ah" before we walk to the post?  I wonder if Brynn knows Dianne is near she will listen? 


"Think again, Blotto....there will be sheep on the field.  NEW SHEEP MUST BE CHASED! Listening?  Nah....listening is under-rated....panic is good for your heart - gives it plenty of exercise."


I think I need another beer....and some hydrocortizone for my arse. 


Anonymous said...

BOL! Your beer ramblings brought tears to Mom's eyes she was laughing so hard Ha! Pretty good you didn't even misspell anything! Dang! ;)

Waggin at ya,

Painter Pack said...

Ahhhh...the memories of beer induced are much better at it than I ever was! At least you did not forget where you live!

Great post! Laughed so hard that I cried!


gvmama said...

That pic of Ranger looks like he is on the moon and it's hard to be a 'stalker' with ears that BIG! I used to have the same wish with Kilt. She was so respectful of a certain BC person that was very BIG in stature. I always wished he would stand at the fence and cough a few ahems, so Kilt could hear. Never got that lucky. But, I could 'wish.'

Patty in NM said...

"Why do dogs follow you to the loo?" I think mine follow me because they know they have me trapped and they can get some (mostly) undivided attention! p.s. I have 12 rescues and no they are not up for adoption. They are MINE! Mine mine mine! I couldn't imagine life without every single one of them. Have you ever smelled sunshine? Next time your dogs come in from outside on a sunny day, bury your nose in their fur and breathe deeply. Ahhhhhh. The smell of sunshine. Ranks just behind puppy breath!

LMS said...

brilliant! Your dogs are lovely. I only have the one, but I have utterly given up on trying to convince her I won't be escaping out the bathroom window.
Good luck on the meet!

RYKER said...

Beer Blogging, we love it! It's good to let your hair down once in a while.
Ryker and Kosmo the cat are my bathroom buddies. One hand for each to give a good scratch.