Friday, April 8, 2011

Old Dog - Quiz

Quiz belongs to my friend Cindy.  He is an old guy at 15 y/o. 

Just a few short months ago Quiz could barely walk, certainly not run. He was on his last legs. 
His coat was dull & dry.  He had little energy and often he would topple over. 

Now look at him

Running with the other dogs after his beloved Blue Ball.

He still has the occasional wobble, turning is hard for him because his hips are growing weak.

Running!  He is actually RUNNING!

What did Cindy do to bring about this incredible change in Quiz?  
Not much, she just switched him from kibble to a totally raw diet. 


Chasing after his beloved Blue Ball once again. 

On top of the increased mobility & energy, Quiz's coat is soft, supple and healthy again. 
What is left of his teeth are clean again, not caked with tartar & plaque.

Alas, age is catching up with him.  Last night he thought my car door was Cindy.  Occasionally Cindy finds him stuck in corner.  But for now, he is happy and most of all healthy. 

There are many different debates over which raw diet is better.  This is not a testament for one particular diet over another, rather just sharing information if you would like to make the switch for your dogs too.  Cindy has been using this book as a reference "Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way."  

Feeding raw is less expensive than a premium dog food too - if you do it wisely.  We stick to a formula when buying our foods and refuse to pay more than $1.20 cents a pound for any protein source (beef, pork, chicken etc).  By being very careful with the amount of money spent on veggies, organ meats, mackerel, sardines, eggs, pumpkin, yams, vitamin & probiotic supplement, etc. I spend 1/2 what I was spending before feeding my dogs Acana (approx $64.00 per 29 lb bag).   The difference in my own dogs (e.g. Ranger's leg) has been significant too.

Old Dog, Quiz.  
Living evidence showing the power of a raw diet.  


K-Koira said...

I've been feeding Prey Model Raw (all meat, bones, organs, but no veggies, fruits, or supplements). My dogs are young, but have put on great muscles and have amazing coats.

My mom's ancient cat (19 years old) who was looking like death was knocking on her door is now playing, running, and purring all over again, and gained a whole pound that she desperately needed to gain.

Best of all, its super cheap. In the three months since starting raw, I have spent less than I would've in a single month with high quality kibble.

Monique said...

K-Koira - do you feed gut/gut contents?

Original_Wacky said...

I'll never turn back to kibble for our dogs... the four we have now, plus the two previous all have been on raw, and all have wonderfully clean teeth, great coats and skin, tons of energy and vigor, maintain a nice healthy lean weight; produce a LOT less poo (and it doesn't stink nearly as much) than they did on kibble, and every one of them LOVES it. Not to mention that it's WAY WAY cheaper than buying dog food. I generally don't spend over a dollar a pound on meats, though I've occasionally splurged and gotten them something more expensive (last week they had some alligator tail meat).

I do still buy some treats at the pet store, but I'm learning to make my own there too, so they don't get all the junk from those either. Now if I could convince my guy that the cats would do just as well on raw, and get grinder capable of grinding up the bones, I wouldn't need the pet store much at all!

raenell said...

Love it! So glad you told us about how well the old dog is doing on raw. I have been feeding raw for 5 years and would not turn back to kibble. My oldest dog is 5 so I don't have the experience of how they will age. But I know they are heathy happy, with great teeth, fabulous coats, lean with nice muscle now. And that is worth it. Oh, and they love it!

LauraK said...

Thank you for posting this- I love hearing stories like this about raw feeding. It truly is amazing the miracles it can work. I finally took the plunge about 8 months ago and the results in our three dogs have been amazing. Our 13 year old dachshund has bladder cancer, and I'm convinced that she is still here with us today because of the raw diet. I might have to email you sometime and pick your brain about what you feed, if you don't mind. I always love to learn more about the diet, and I think fellow raw feeders and the best resource out there :) Great post, and a beautiful old pup!