Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bea & First

I made an unexpected trip to Idaho the first weekend of April to drop my son off in Boise. 

Of course I brought the dogs along and Dianne graciously was able to fit me in for some time.  
It was a much needed breather on a very stressful trip.

While I was there Dianne put Bea on sheep!  

Bea was cautious, and oh so careful.  

Dianne said that Bea wants to be perfect

She is confident

Yet controlled - maybe a wee bit too controlled for a puppy her age.

So Dianne tried to get her jazzed up a bit

Have some fun

It sort of worked

But she was still very serious

Then Dianne said, "Let's RODEO!"

Dianne had an idea.  Bea's littermate First (the puppy Dianne kept from this litter) has not seen sheep yet.  She wanted to put him in with Bea.  He would be enthusiastic & have fun, which would in turn lighten Bea up.  It would also help First become a bit more controlled and keen.  

She is a brave woman.  

And it worked...

Bea lightened up considerably.

Then the rodeo started, but Dianne maintained control 

Dianne would split the sheep up, Bea & First would put them back together.  Bea seemed to take the responsibility of putting them back together a little more seriously than First. 

The sheep were not thrilled


Bea in hyperdrive!

Yet still thoughtful

First, what a happy face! 

As quickly as it started Dianne brought an end to the session.  Just fun stuff for now - no training, as they are much too young.  It is so tempting to start your pup when you see so much potential, however you can ruin them.  Their little bones and bodies are not grown yet and can be damaged too easily.  Not to mention what you can do to them mentally by putting pressure on them too soon.  With a pup like Bea I am going to take my time, we are in no hurry, the risks of starting your dog too young, outweigh the benefit.  

Isn't it amazing to see how completely different two dogs from the same litter are?  Just like my children, they all have individual personalities and working styles.  I find it fascinating. 

As far as appearance, they are similar.  First has a rough coat, Bea smooth, other than that they are evenly matched physically.  First is just a bit larger than Bea.

Two gorgeous pups, littermates, brother & sister.   
What do you think?  Do they look related to you?

Orchard Run Bea & Orchard Run First 
(Bett/Riggs DOB 10/10/10)


Karen said...

Well their white markings are quite similar:)
They look the same height, but Bea is definitely more petite looking.
A good looking pair of pups:)

Ferreh Hiatt said...

Love the pics and the commentary! You must have been soooo jazzed!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

They are very alike! What a cute and clever pair!

The Thundering Herd said...

So cool watching any working breed do what it does naturally.

Sarah said...

grogeous!! i could look at them all day!