Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Our little ewe lamb, Tulip is growing.  

Is there anything cuter than a lamb? 

This spring's crop of lambs at Cindy's are adorable.  They even smile. 
Okay, not really...I have no idea why this lamb is showing me her teeth. I can pretend she is smiling.

I love the knee spots on this little ewe lamb.

Most of the lambs are black and white

There always has to be a different one.  Meet Johnson.  

A strapping young ram lamb

His father, John is a big meaty Katahdin.  He looks like his dad.  Hence the name "Johnson".  

Johnson is the only ram lamb out of 21 that got to keep his boy bits when we banded last weekend.  I had my first experience banding lambs.  Yes, that was an experience. 

Lucky boy, he didn't get a rubber band put round his....well, you figure it out. 

I love watching sheep eat.  

Truly there is little else in this world that calms the soul like watching sheep eat.  

Unless of course you start thinking about the cost of alfalfa and round bales, then throw in concerns over pasture management, foot rot, fencing, and all the other things that can devour your pocketbook when caring for a flock of sheep.  

What was I thinking when I bought sheep?  Dear Lord ... wasn't the price of border collies daunting enough?  Vet bills, trial entry fees, lesson fees, food for the dogs, gas to get to trials, GAS! WTF  have you seen the price of gas lately? And I wanted sheep?  I dont even bear the brunt of caring for my own sheep on a daily basis, that falls on Cindy.  How does she do it?   She is my hero. 

GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!  Insert panic attack here.  

KNOCK IT OFF!  Breathe...look at cute lamb pictures.  

Awwww look at them, fascinated by the cone.  

"Helloooooooooooo, anybody down there?"

"Kill the cone!"

"Party 'round the cone! Milk bar not included!"


"Let's indiscriminately leap into the air and drive Camera Face crazy trying to focus on us in the twilight!

Photo fail

Leaping lambs are hard to capture, especially when there is no rhyme nor reason to any given trajectory. 

Another photo fail. 

"Hey there, I was just leaping in the air when a new feeling overtook me.  Let's bash our heads against each other!"

"Its fun, huh?"

"Lots of fun, lets all do it!"

Awww lambs are so cute.  What was I so worried about?  

Seriously, after the border collie's drive us into the poor house at least we will always have something to eat.  


Lamb, it's whats for dinner.  

(well, not really...at least not for a year or two...and we usually only eat the BOYS!)

Girls rule and boys get eaten. 

(Oh, and if you are one of those PETA nut jobs and want to send me some crazy, wacked-out email about how meat eaters are destroying our planet and other drivel.  Do me a favor?  Bite my meat eatin' arse. :)


Karen said...

There is nothing more entertaining/hilarious/enjoyable than watching a group of lambs run/leap/play/butt heads/etc. etc. etc.:)

Country Girl said...


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Aww! Lambs are so cute (but a lot of hard work!)

susan said...

I'm enjoying your Great Lamb pictures!

central bark designs said...

I want some! Too cute. I was thinking I wanted goats - but the lambs might just win me over!

BorderWars said...

There's nothing wrong with being cute and delicious.