Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brilliant Brill

On Sunday when I stopped by Cindy's house before the trial I found Brill sitting in his crate.  This was unusual.  I asked Cindy why Brill was banished to his crate.

She smiled, let him out of his crate, pushed him out the front door then closed it and told me to watch.

After Brill showed off his new talent for me I grabbed my camera, positioned myself in the front yard and waited.

Brill has figured out how to open the front door, by catching his paw on the latch.  He was a bit slow when I shot this video - as he can now open it with one hit. 

He is too smart for his own good.  Next thing you know he will be doing taxes. 


Karen said...

Taxes?...send Brill over here:)
Time to keep the front door locked I guess:)

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Clever dog!

Lynette said...

I think maybe the second dog is the really clever one - he just watches and waits for the door to be opened!

Jennifer Rose said...

lol thats really cool :)

Sky's managed to do that once, but hasn't been able to figure it out again so I think the first time was a fluke :p