Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello iMac...Nice to Meet You

Meet my new best friend

In January my old computer finally gave up the ghost.  We went to Costco and purchased a new HP, which began crashing from the first day I had it out of the box.  After countless hours spent on the phone with a less than helpful technical support (somewhere in India) - that had me format & recover 12 times (in less than 3 months) the whole time telling me it was a software issue, I was ready to yank all my hair out.  When the stupid thing sounded like it was gargling rocks and surrounded me with a suspicious burning plastic odor we packed it up and took it back to Costco, where I hurled in through the front door, wiping out two door greeters and half of the member service desk. 

Okay, I exaggerated a bit.  We walked it up to the counter, with our receipt in hand (less than 90 days) and Costco happily gave us all our money back.  Then we marched over to Best Buy and plunked it all down on my new 27" Apple iMac. 

Immediately upon taking it out of the box, I plugged it in, and viola, everything worked!  Imagine that! It started right up, synced itself to the track pad/mouse & keyboard.  Then I plugged in my printer USB, my expansion drive and the internet....

I was feeling pretty smart.  I was now the Apple iMac set up QUEEN!  I could do anything, yes, I reigned.  

Then I clicked on the browser.  And waited.  And didnt work. 

I read my directions.  Swore.  Turned it off, turned it on.  Swore some more. 

Freaked out a bit, got huffy and just knew I did everything right

My husband, the electrician,  came in to offer help.  I swore at him and muttered  "Of course I plugged EVERYTHING IN RIGHT! I am NOT stupid!"  He wisely left me alone. 

Then decided to call Comcast (my internet service provider) technical support and give them a piece of my mind.  After waiting 30 minutes (mumbling various combinations of swear words) I finally was able to speak to a very helpful gentleman (who works IN AMERICA! YEAH!).  He ran a few diagnostic tests for me ...the conversation went like this. 

Tech Support:  "Are you having a good night?"
Me: "I was, until my internet quit working."
Tech Support: "Well, we will fix that right now."
Me: "Cool, I want to play with my new computer."
Tech Support: "We will have you online in just a second...I need you to do something for me okay?"
Me: "Sure, whatever you need."
Tech Support: "You might have to crawl under your desk, are you able to do that?"
Me: "Yes, no problem - just tell me what you want?  I already checked the connections, everything is hooked up to the computer just right.  I have checked it and double checked it."
Tech Support: "I ran the diagnostics and one thing doesnt seem to be quite right.  Can you plug the power cord for your modem into the wall?"
Me: "What?"
Tech Support: "Yes, I am showing your modem is running on battery power, which means it only will support your phone service.  When you plug the power cord into the wall everything will come back online in a few seconds."
Me: "I feel really stupid."
Tech Support: "It's okay, you are in good company."
Me: *SIGH*


Moving on...

While I am learning how to use this glorious piece of technology, now that everything is plugged in,  it might take me a few days to process pictures, so in anticipation I am going to give you a teaser. 

And let you wonder...just what is going on?


julie said...


That technician sounds awesome though. "It's okay, you are in good company." ROFLOL.

Have fun with your iMac, I'm only a TINY BIT jealous. ;)

Karen said...

The look on Ranger's face....LOL

My totally computer illiterate friend just bought the same iMac, and is loving it.

Country Girl said...

Wahoo! Way to join the Mac ranks! Love, LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE, my MacBook! Get ready for things to be soooo easy!

Emma Rose said...

You are so funny! We got a good laugh out of that :)

RYKER said...

BOL, BOL! You are too funny!
Good to hear all is well now and your up and running. Nothing can stop you now!

The Thundering Herd said...

The hu-dad used to make fun of Apple products and said he would only use "real" computers. Until he finally broke down and bought a Mac Book. Whoa. Everything just works (ok, ok, it does require you to actually plug things in).

So welcome to the Mac World!

raenell said...

Love my Mac.
Looking forward to seeing new pics.