Monday, June 7, 2010

A Weekend with Dianne Deal

A couple of weeks ago Dianne made the long journey from Caldwell, Idaho over the mountains  for a weekend teaching May 22-23.  The lessons were held at Cindy Baker's place in Yelm using Judy Norris's sheep.  Cindy has a great field, firm, dry, flat, free of mole hills and holes, excellent footing.  The perfect size for lessons with plenty of parking and a nice area to watch from. 

Brynn's littermate, Islay,  came from Portland with her 'mom' Una.  Una is new to herding.

Sucked in like a moth to a flame once she saw how much Islay enjoyed sheep.

Can you tell she is Brynn's sister?  They have the same intensity. 

Welcome to the collective Una.

You too have been assimilated.

I wonder how long it will be before Una buys Muck Boots and rain gear? 

With two full 12 hr days, Dianne was booked solid, which is to be expected as she is a gifted instructor.  Dianne has an ability effectively communicate it to each individual in a manner that is geared for tangible results.  She is one of those people that conversation just comes naturally.  Completely non threatening, great sense of humor & down to earth.  Dianne is not the type of instructor who takes the stick out of your hand, walks off working your dog... leaving you to trail behind.  She teaches YOU how to work with your dog when you are working on your own.  In an enjoyable, open and easy manner she works with you to formulate a plan to enable you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 

Lots of laughter throughout the weekend.  Saturday evening was wrapped up with a big group going to dinner at a charming Mexican place in Yelm called Tacos Gaby.  Excellent food cooked by Cindy's neighbors.  Check it out if you are in town.   Each day lunch was served seasoned with great conversation and new friends. 

We were blessed with decent weather and cool temperatures 

Judy's fantastic sheep

Cindy's sheep were still nursing lambs, but five of her wethers were used for the younger less experienced dogs. 

I spent most of he weekend with my face plastered to the camera.  Surprised eh?

I have been experimenting with different lenses.

Borrowing the mega huge telephoto lens from Cindy, a fellow camera addict. One day that lens is going to be missing. Don't tell her I did it. 

So many opportunities for pictures. Who could resist photographing this gorgeous dog?  Jeanne's Moses from Walk Up Border Collies

Jeanne's Rocky

Dave at the pen.

Dave's dog Cap (I think?  Correct me if I am wrong please!)

Dave's younger dog - I cant remember his name.  I LOVE his bright yellow eyes!   (He is also pictured several pictures above).

Of course, some of the best shots are off the field.

Mindy & Flash

Joyful doggy moments.

Leslie & Mack

Happy doggy faces.

Leslie's Mack

Two of Judy's dogs.

Jeanne brought her new puppy from the Helsey Ranch, Secret.

Jeanne's husband got Secret for her birthday.  Secret was a ....well, a secretErin and Jorgen picked her up on their way back home from the Bluegrass.

Such a wise little girl

Who is walking who?

Something tells me Jeanne is going to have her hands full with this one

Pure brains and mischief. A dangerous combination. 

Dianne will be coming back to Yelm for three days of lessons July 23, 24 & 25th.    Dianne teaches all breeds and all levels of handlers. Nicely dog broke sheep are available for younger or less experienced dogs.  Please contact me at as soon as possible if you would like to schedule a slot or inquire about her very reasonable rates.   If a hotel is needed at please check out the Prairie Hotel, a beautiful dog friendly establishment in Yelm. 

And of course, one of the benefits of lessons are pictures taken by yours truly!  Just bring yourself and a  dog. 

Hope to see you there!


julie said...

Great pictures!

RYKER said...

Looks like fun! Super photos as usual!