Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Play Hard...Sleep Hard

And so it begins, a daily ritual at our house.

Ranger watches Brynn

His eyes follow her while she plays with the Jolly Ball. 

Then he makes his move.... 


The toy is forgotten.  A chase ensues.  Brynn throws herself onto the floor.  Ranger pounces.

Who needs TV when you can watch this? 

 The fake squealing, growling, gnashing of teeth.  Ohhh the drama!

Bitey Face Festivus.

Notice the black spot on Ranger's tongue - it is fur.  Brynn's fur.   I don't think Brynn even noticed she was missing a chunk.

The entire family is sucked into the drama.  Bonnie is the official Bitey Face Festivus referee.    She checks on everyone - including Beth.  Queen Beth supervises from the couch. 

 Beth will often leave her perch to let them know when they have gotten out of hand.  Like when they knock all the pillows off the couch onto the floor.  Apparently that is beyond Beth's level of tolerance.

Officer Beth: resident Fun Police.

They play hard...then sleep hard.   Four comatose dogs.

First Bonnie - usually in the middle of the kitchen floor - flat on her back.  How in the heck is that comfortable?  It must be all the padding on her backside.

Proof that Beth really does sleep.

Brynn gives a whole new meaning to the word "relaxation"

Then she starts to slide...her head is always hanging off some thing.

I am jealous.  For me to get into this state it would require 3 ambien, 4 lunesta and a 7 margarita's.  Oh hell...the entire bottle of tequila wouldn't allow me to relax like this.  How is this even possible?

Well, she is a dog.  There is that.  Notice the eye ball rolled back into her head, the slack jawed total relaxation.

Actually...kinda reminds me of the time I found my brother passed out on the stairway when we were teenagers.  I poked him a couple of times.  Pushed him down a few steps.  His head bounced against the wall - no response except for a large string of drool hanging from his mouth. 

"I am so sleepy"

"Oh so sweeepy"

"Hey camera face - want to play bitey the camera in your face? Leeme 'lone!"

Play hard - sleep hard

In my next life...I want to be a spoiled rotten border collie.


The Thundering Herd said...

Nope - doesn't look Chez Herd at all (grins).

P.S. - Brynn - Rusty says he likes your sleeping style. But do you fall off on your head sometimes like Rusty does? He seems to forget the point of equilibrium sometimes, but no matter, because he just shakes off and starts again.

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Wooos! I am the play police at my house, but Border collies do not sleep, at least they do not here.... I do not think i have ever seen that, he pretends sometimes, but one movement from anyone and he is up like a shot!
~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Karen said...

We call it doggy television at our house:)

Greenhill Farm said...

Being a border collie must be so good.

RYKER said...

Holy Sheep! And that happens everyday??? I want to come live at your house...got room for a mini Aussie?

Lean said...

aaaa sweet you guys when your sleeping..