Friday, June 18, 2010

Ranger Reviews the Kong Zinger

Hiya, its me Ranger.  The KONG Company sent me a couple products to try out.  Why?  Because I am special.  Camera Face says I am "Special Ed".  I keep telling her my name ain't Ed.  It is Ranger...but she just giggles.

I was so excited when I saw what they sent us.  Mom opened the box and then teased me with the toys.   Beth about had a heart attack.

They sent us the KONG Zinger and the KONG Rocket

"The KONG Zinger is a fast-action, quick-flying interactive roll and chase toy that's great for dogs of all ages and sizes.  The easy-grip launcher flings the Zinger ring and sends it bouncing and rolling haphazardly for unpredictable fun.  The KONG Rocket isn't your typical ball-launcher toy - it incorporates "spring-flex" technology for long, accurate throws with less effort than similar products.  Plus, both the Ziner and Rocket are "slobber free" - meaning the Zinger ring and the Rocket ball can be picked up with their launchers, and you never have to touch a slobber-covered toy!"

Today we are going to review the KONG Zinger.  We really liked the looks of this toy.  Beth and Brynn started going wacko the minute Dad opened the package.   It took Dad a minute to figure out how to hold it and stuff.

I waited patiently

...and waited.....this looked interesting. 

Then he threw it.  It zinged through the air, hit the ground and started bouncing!

It bounced this way and that... Brynn missed it, Beth missed it...

I didn't

I dont miss things, because I am the uber cool toy dude.

Beth finally got the hang of it and started hogging the donut.  I have a new name to call her.  

Donut Face!

She started making up wacky ways to carry it too.  We can always count on Beth for innovative thinking.

She has to be that way because of Bonnie the Monster.

Bonnie couldn't catch the donut so she just tried to steal it out of Beth's mouth.

We call Bonnie the "BONSTER" for a reason.   

She stalks Beth and tries to steal her toys.

What was I talking about?   Yes, I am a handsome devil. 

Enough about me, let me tell you about Brynn.  She was scared of the donut.  She liked watching it fly through the air and even tried to catch it.

But the minute it landed in the grass...she ran away from it.   This was the only picture Camera Face could get of Brynn running away from the donut in the grass.  She moved really fast. 

Poor Brynn, she is kinda freaky 'bout things sometimes.

So, what do we think of the KONG Zinger?

Good Points:  We all loved chasing it.  The donut is durable and withstood 3 dogs chewing on it without complaint. The unpredictable bouncing was fun.  It was easy to find in the grass and fun to toss in the air like a maniac whenever I had a chance.  Dad said the Zinger was easy to use - once he got the hang of it.  Excellent toy for use in a smaller back yard - where distance is not an object.   Good toy for the water - does not sink and very easy to spot in the water. 

Not So Good Points:  This should only be thrown on a flat surface with good footing.  If multiple dogs are playing the potential for injury increases due to the  possibly of dogs slamming into each other trying while trying to follow it's erratic movement.  Is not meant for throwing a long distance.  The furthest Dad could throw this was about 50 feet.  It is not a totally hands-free device.  It is necessary to use your hand to firmly place the donut in the Zinger. 

Final Score:  3 out of 4 tails up.  Deduction for safety concerns


Southbaygirl said...

3 out of 4 tails up...that sounds like a pretty fun toy!!!



KiwiMutts said...

that sounds like an awesome toy

RYKER said...

I want one!

Lean said...

This looks like fun testing this toys....wauw mom i want one to.

Lynn said...

I'm always excited to see a new post from you! And I smile real big when I see Ranger's name in the title! :)

Can't wait to see the next review of the "Rocket whatever" toy!

Ruth said...

Looks like fun! I want one!

PoochesForPeace said...

Thanks for the review!!

The Thundering Herd said...

Since we do not exactly retrieve - ever - this toy is probably not in our future. BUT, Rusty would like Ranger to know that being a Special Ed must be a cool thing because he is called that a lot, too.