Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beth's History

Ray sent me an email this morning with some more information on Beth and a couple of pictures of her as a youngster.  It is confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt....his Beth is our Beth. 

Picture from Ray:  Beth has the same sweet smile now.  

Picture from Ray: the markings are identical

Picture from Beth's adoption profile

Beth now

This is Beth's father, Zip.  

Ray told me about Beth's lineage & gave me permission to share Beth's story.  He wrote  
"She is primarily from a cattle background.  Her  grandfather (Zip's father) Nap is the 2001 National Nursery Cattledog  Champion and is in the book "Sheepdog Champions of North America".  Zip's mother Sue is a hugely successful cattledog trialer (owned by  Robin Nuffer here in Idaho. Sue died unexpectedly in April. Sue is  where Beth's personality comes from. She carried the nickname "Sweet  Sue") and was very good on sheep as well.    Zip is now king of a several thousand goat grazing program and lives  in Pendleton, OR. I have sent along a picture of  him. I trialed him for quite awhile from Nursery through Open.  Ivy rides along and works occasionally on a cattle ranch in the Baker City, OR area. Ivy's father was Rusty  Child's Brad who was a great worker and competitor."
Beth is a bit older than we thought.  Her birthday is 12/22/2003 which makes her 6.5 years old.   We dont care how old she is, we love her anyway. 


Jules said...

Wow, what a great coincidnece! it is such a small world!

Lean said...

she is a lovely dog that counts.

Greenhill Farm said...

Beth's dad looks like Beth! (Well, he would!) She's a lovely dog and you're lucky to have her!

Karen said...

Oh that is so exciting! Isn't it weird what a small world it is sometimes:)

Years ago I bought a thoroughbred mare (ex racehorse) from a friend who had bought her after an auction where she had been sold for meat. Later on, someone I worked with also had a few racehorses, and it turned out one of his horses had raced against my horse, and he had an audio recording of the race. I was thrilled:)

Ellie said...

How awesome! You must be so excited to find out all this great stuff about your girl. :)

Emma Rose said...

That whole story is sooooo neat! And guess what? My birthday is also Dec.22nd :)

Emma Rose

Amy said...

How neat to learn her history and see photos of relatives!

Beth has the name birthday as me, and her name is my middle name, too! LOL Different year though . . . I'm a bit older than she is! ;)

Anonymous said...

This just makes me smile, what a cool thing to find out.