Friday, June 4, 2010

Throw Away the Food Bowl! - Dr Marty Becker

Hi ya, Ranger here.  I had to take a break from playing to tell you about something I saw today. 

I just watched a furrific video from my friend Dr. Marty Becker on ABC News.  Dr Becker discusses why changing your pet's feeding routine may help some behavioral problems.

We love kibble puzzle toys in our house, you can read about it in our post about KIBBLE PUZZLE TOYS

Here are some of our favorites

We don't get to use our kibble puzzle toys much because we eat mostly raw food and a raw chicken back doesn't work in a Tug-a-Jug.  But on the days we have to eat kibble (because Camera Face is lazy) we usually get a puzzle toy. 

Remember my buddy Dr Marty Becker?  Well, he was on Good Morning America yesterday talking about pet allergies.

I woofed at him when I saw him on TV.  He didnt hear me.  I was sad.  

Today I woofed at him on ABC News...he still didn't hear me.  I am still sad.  

But he said some pretty smart things about boredom in cats and dogs.  He also showed many of our favorite kibble toys and a few new ones Camera Face wants to buy now.

You can see the video here.

That reminds me, Camera Face never shared the likely cover shot for the book Dr. Becker is writing with Gina Spadafori.  Your Dog: The Owners Manual.  

I think they should change the name of the book to Four Handsome Dudes


Erin said...

Neat story, thanks for sharing. We use the orange moon-looking food puzzle for our golden, although we find it a little hard to stuff. And of course the other dogs want to join in too.

Greenhill Farm said...

Wow! Sound advice there - I might try it sometime! That's a great pic for the cover of the book.

Gina said...

I totally agree!

"Four Handsome Dudes" would be a great name for the book!

dsg said...

"Four Handsome Dudes"! Much better title, I agree. And our kids (Cami and Harry, they're not Border Collies --nobody's perfect-- but they're still pretty wonderful) love their food puzzle toys, too.

Michelle said...

Excellent title should send that to Dr. Marty Becker...he would likely agree.

We love food toys here too! Frozen Kongs, Tug-a-Jugs, an old discontinued puzzle ball (from before food toys were considered "cool"), and two Nina Ottosson toys...the Tornado and the Casino. They definitely spice up non-raw mealtimes!

Pat A said...

Hey Ranger, do me a favor and tell me where that orange food puzzle was purchased. It is the one I have been looking for.
You tell good stories.
I didn't go in and sign in before so I will not get replies from here, if you do know where, e-mail is best. 15 days and maybe a computer that has a little speed.

Amy said...

amen and preach on!! has a *great* selection. i don't work for them, promise.