Sunday, February 28, 2010

Myst The Blog Hijacker

I am the cutest puppy!

Aunty Carolynn is in Idaho visiting her Brynn while she is in sheep dog training.  One day I am going to work sheep too!  My mom hopes so!

Me and my big sister Bug

One more picture for you, my mom must go to work and tomorrow she will take me with my big brothers and sisters while they work sheep so I can see what I might do one day.

I hope Aunty Carolynn is not mad at me for taking over her blog for a day!  Once she meets me I am sure she will forgive me, who can resist a cute face like mine!


Debra Kay said...

Oh myst you ARE gorgeous and so clever!

Ripley said...

You are so cute! Would you like to join our pack and come live with us in California?

Ann said...

Very cute, Miss Myst! I'm positive your Auntie will be quite pleased you popped in to the blog for a visit.

Raising Addie said...

OMD you are gorgeous!

We just want to snuggle and play with you!

LOVE the new blog design! Great job!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

BCxFour said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I am dying laughing Myst! So happy you have come to live with your new Mommy Vicki. We are very happy to share our blog with you! Cant wait to see you and kiss on that adorable face!

Auntie Carolynn
(who is finally home!)

julie said...

Now I know why the RSS feed for this blog refuses to work lately: puppy hijack! :) She's adorable!

Seriously though, anyone else having problems with RSS feeds from this blog? :( It went wrong a couple of weeks ago (with IE, Chrome and Firefox), since then I've removed and activated this feed again couple of times, in vain.
This is the only blog I'm having problems with.

Lean said...

O Yes she will forgive you....lovely doggy.
bye bye,Lean&Misty.

BCxFour said...


I just checked the RSS and Atom feeds on my blog and they were verified as active. There are a couple of blogs on my side bar that the feed won't work either and don't update. Maybe this is just some fluke blogger problem?

The only thing that changed a couple of weeks ago when you stared having problems was my blog colors and header picture - but that shouldn't cause a problem with the RSS feeds.
One article I read said if you are having problems with RSS feeds you should clean your cache...but isn't that what they say about everything? LOL


The Thundering Herd said...

Puppy fix! Woo we are so happy.

Pat A said...

I think I met you on your way to your mom. I met two of the cutest pups, one smart enough to almost escape as the door was being shut on the crate but Bob Lee was too fast for the pup.
Those two pups are absolutely adorable. I know they were on their way to Vickis.
Auntie Pat

julie said...

@ BCxFour:
Thx for checking! Don't know what the prob is; it's not just that it's not updating, but saying "Title temporarily unavailable". Sometimes when I return to your RSS-link to try and install it again, the link won't work and there are Chinese signs (well, not really Chinese, but Chinese to me ;)) all over the screen. Not all the time though.
Cache is cleaned daily; and for instance right now I'm surfing with Chrome Incognito, and it still won't work.

Nah, I'll give it up for now, and I'll just check your blog daily. :)

Pat A said...

I had Yahoo clicked to let me know and for 2 months it worked fine. Now it does not and that has been for about 2 weeks. Something is not working on the web, it is not your computer.