Monday, February 15, 2010

Brynn Videos

Two posts in one day?  Wow, I must be setting a record.  It has been a struggle lately to put up two posts in a week - let alone a day.  But I had something I just had to share.

My friend Ellie  has been sending me pictures of Brynn each time she goes out to Dianne's.  Here is one she shot last week of my little monkey in her kennel.

These pictures are a lifeline of sorts for me.  I can't thank her enough for doing this. THANK YOU ELLIE! You rock!

Today Ellie shot some video of Brynn today with her iPhone. The quality is what you would expect from a phone, but so much better than just my imagination!  I am just so tickled pink she took these I could hug her! 

Brynn and Dianne are very very small...but if you squint you can get the idea.  Dianne is doing a little bit of everything with her.  Driving, calling her in on outruns (getting her to walk into the pressure to push the sheep away from Dianne), and pushing her out on flanks. 

I can't wait to see her on the 26th. 


Monique said...

Looking good!!

Lacey said...

wow...your little must be so proud of her.

An English Shepherd said...

Nice videos :-)