Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ball, I am Your Father

Ranger's 4th photo for the 52 weeks for dogs project.  Featuring Ranger's intense stare.

Can you hear the voices?

In Ranger's best Darth Vader voice "Ball, I am Your Father"

If you look closely you can see the skid marks on his nose.  

That is what happens when you try to hump a wether (castrated male sheep)...again.

"Who me?" 


"I just said "WassTup? and he got mad" 


Today is Brynn's 1st birthday.  Happy Birthday Brynn!  Mom would do a post about it but she is on the couch trying to get over a spot of pneumonia.  She went to the doctor today and he threatened to put her in the hospital if she didn't get some rest.  

She is sooooo boring on the couch. 


Monique said...

Feel better missie, and stay on the couch :)

Karen said...

Lovely pictures of Ranger. The first one makes me think of a panda.
Take care of yourself, a full blown dose of pneumonia is no fun at all.

The Thundering Herd said...

What an intense face, Ranger. We love it. And Happy Birthday Brynn.

Diana said...

Silly Ranger. LoL Get well soon. Diana

Emma Rose said...

Hey Ranger, please behave yourself and take care of your Mom! Tell her we send get well wishes.

Emma Rose

fulltiltbcs said...

Hope you are feeling better VERY SOON!

Lean said...

Happy birthday Brynn.Get well soon Mom.Lovely pictures Ranger.
bye bye,Lean.

Kathy said...

OH I hope you feel better soon, life on the couch has to be better then life in the hospital!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brynn!!!! One year old is a HUGE birthday, hope it is a terrific one

Pat A said...

Get yourself well, pneumonia takes too long to get over. You do not want that.

It does not matter how photogenic a dog is, if the camera face does not know when to click the pix would not be so good. I know because mine never are.
Hugs, get well.

Debra Kay said...

Stay on the couch! Happy birthday Brynn!