Friday, November 6, 2009

Who is the Queen?

Beth has always worn the crown in this court.


For too long I, Bonnie,  have been a lowly princess.


Little did she know I have been quietly awaiting the perfect opportunity to usurp her reign.

 The time has come for me to act.


With trusty Sgt. Ranger by my side. 


Ranger like all soldiers before him, defending our rights.  Today Ranger is called to action to help me obtain the crown. 

Fighting for my honor.


Ranger calls in the air strike



Beth didn't know what hit her


Kiss my paws.  


Doesn't the ermine in the cloak and crown look pretty with my fur? 

"What is up with this pointy hat on my head?"

"Where is my crown?"

I am wearing the crown Beth.

"Girly you are welcome to it.  Never wanted it anyway...."

"Let me remind you young Bonnie"

"You will have work hard to keep that crown on your head, because your sister Brynn can kick your butt already."

"There had better be a ball under this stupid dress or I am going to luxate your patella's."


"Uhhh Bonnie, you may want to reconsider this..."

"I like my patella's right where they are."

Ranger is proud to borrow the uniform of a US Army Special Forces soldier (1st SFG, Fort Lewis, WA).  We honor all who wear or have worn a uniform.  Our hearts are with you & your families, near and far.

Thank you for your service. 


pam said...

Great story Bonnie, we hail the Queen. But it sounds like you better watch yer back.

Bobo and Meja

Sarah said...

awww how cute is that?????

Lynn said...

Too much Farm Town sent someone over the edge. (Luckily the BCs are very patient.)

Emma Rose said...

We LOVED this! Great photos. The pictures of Ranger had us rolling on the floor. He's a great military man! Our condolances to Ex-Queen Beth. When you are Queen everyone is out to get your throne!

Emma Rose

Lean said...

hahahahah what have you done with the doggys.Great pictures so cute.
have a nice weekend you all,Lean&misty

The Thundering Herd said...

We are somehow picturing many hours of work to get this story captured. Is this the Farm Town half-way house?

An English Shepherd said...

Great story love the expressions.

Wizz :-)

Yuraccypark Designs said...

lol ... what a funny story hahahaha! lovely pictures ^^

Pat A said...

That is so good, I laughed with each pix.
I am getting the entry done and then for the kitchen and all inside will be germ free.