Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hair Color, Twix & other Non Sequitur's

All in the spirit of trying to take care of myself & get out of the funk I am in - I made an appointment at the hair salon.

I love the gal who cuts my hair.  She is tall, thin, elegant and blonde.  Everything I always wanted to be and never was.  I used to dislike people like that, just on principal.  However since she was wielding a comb and messing with chemicals near my face I thought I would put my malice aside for the day.  She is, after all, a genius. 

I have been frustrated with the gray in my hair for years.  Thanks to my lovely silver haired mother (and her mother and her mother...etc ) my hair is more than 50% silver at 43 y/o.  The hair growing in at my temples is 100% silver. 

I have been coloring my hair for years.   Once every six weeks I lock myself in  the bathroom, change into a threadbare house coat mix up the purple potion and slap it on my head.  Woe is the person who knocks on the door during the 45 minutes of hair color exile.  The kids better be bleeding profusely or missing a limb to justify interrupting my dye job. 

No matter how pretty it is the week or two after - it eventually grows out.   I hate it when it grows out.  I end up with a white strip down the middle of my head, just like a skunk.  

I feel older than dirt when I look in the mirror and see that. 

It was time to bite the bullet and accept my gray.  The skunk stripe was only going to get worse. 

Back to my hairdresser.  She is a genius - she told me how we were going to color my hair so that it will camouflage  the grow out.    She spent 2.5 hours delicately selecting hair with the heaviest concentration of gray - and then foiled that hair platinum blond - so it  looks silver.  (Does that make sense?).  Since I had so much color on my hair the silver/blond is lighter at the roots - which is okay with me.  Now as my hair grows out she will continue with the silver/blond gradually less and less until it is grown out. 

You would think with all the technology we have in this world, someone would figure out how to color hair gray?  Apparently you cannot do can remove color and put a gray 'rinse' on it, but the gray will not hold and washes out quickly.  How frustrating.  So you have to go blonde....

It is different and will take some getting used to.  I scared the hell out of myself in the mirror this morning.    I have never been blonde, or white.  Just red or brown. 

I kinda like it.  Once I stop freaking myself out....

Tomorrow, I promise I will write about the dogs & sheep. 

Brynn says it is about time...

She thinks I am a freaky silver haired woman.

But I give her sheep,  so she wisely sheep keeps her opinions to herself.

Who is this fluff ball of adorable? 

This is Twix, a four and 1/2 month old border collie puppy.   My friend Vicki is fostering Twix.  Twix is available for adoption through PNW Border Collie Rescue. 

Click her for Twix's Bio

Twix came into rescue after her former owner accidently ran her over with an ATV.  Her leg was fractured beyond repair.  Her owners asked the vet to put her down - instead the vet elected to save her life.  He amputated her leg & called Border Collie Rescue. 

Sometimes you see God through simple acts of kindness.  I would like to give that vet a big hug. 

Twix is a serious little girl. She enjoyed watching the dogs work sheep. 

She is very talkative.  She reminds me of both Beth and Brynn - rolled into one.  

She is tri-color like Brynn with Beth's ears.  How cute is that? 

I think I am in love.  I know my friend Cindy is in love with Twix too...but Vicki is mean and won't let either of us have her.  I have tried to talk her into it.  I even said I would trade in Ranger. 

But mean Vicki said no.  She says Twix  needs to go to a home where she is going to be the center of someone's world.  She is too special to share. 

Is dog napping illegal? 


Shedd Rescue Pack said...

Oh please please can we see a picture of You?

Emma Rose said...

We want to see your hair too!!!

Ann said...

Let's see. The puppy is cute, but you can't distract us! My hair is over due for cover up, too!

Tristan and Braun said...

I will forgive you for puppy-napping! She looks absolutely adorable!

Diana said...

Every time I start seeing to much gray in my hair, time for more blonde highlights. The puppy is just way to cute. Diana

Lean said...

Grey hair???????? no way .Sweet puppy by the way.
bye bye,Lean

The Thundering Herd said...

Way to go Twix. So glad for that vet. We love the kindness of those who get us to rescue!

Jodi said...

Ok ... it's kind of rotten to dedicate almost an entire blog post to the color of your hair, mention that you've COMPLETELY changed the color, AND that you like it ... and then NOT post a photo of it. No fair! Photo please! Your readers are waiting.

Jodi said...

Oh and Twix is adorable! :-)

Debra Kay said...

I keep waiting for my hair to turn grey-it's very fine and I think the grey would give me more body-it's finally happening, but slowly.

Twix is beautiful!

Lynn said...

If dog napping were legal, you wouldn't HAVE Ranger to trade!

My word verification is "consode". Is that when you are consoled while on the commode?

Lynn said...

Twix is adorable. Love the photo of her sitting watching the sheep.

I'm with ya on the gray hair. I color my hair also. What's sad is:
I'm 47, my mom is 73 - she has less gray hair than I do, so she doesn't color anymore. Grrrr.

An English Shepherd said...

Sounds like a long time to sit still, not sure I could for so long ;-)

Wizz :-)

Jeanne said...

Hair 911, I can relate. I am also "enhanced". I do agree though.. I'm dying to see the "after" look. Who is the monkey's dentist.. Great teeth!!