Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brynn Update

Just a quick update on Brynn.

Brynn ingested approximately 4 ounces of cocoa powder in addition to 2-4 oz. of dark chocolate chips (she weighs 34 lbs).  I found the following table that can be used as a rough guide to assess if the amount of chocolate consumed by a dog is likely to pose a serious risk.

With the exception of continued excessive urination (she has peed on our bed twice - yes, TWICE!) she seems to be recovering without incident and finally starting to act 'normal'.  Well, as normal as a tri-colored monkey can act.  The vet cleared her for normal activities & diet.

Today we worked sheep at Fido's. I got in a little over my head, tripped over a water bucket, and almost broke my neck, but Brynn was amazing.   Bonnie is going to be the death of me.   Beth was a pleasure.  John worked Gryff again this time our friend Cindy went out in the field with him and gave him some excellent pointers. 

Later we went over to Cindy's house where she took some fantastic pictures of all the dogs.

Brynn, healthy happy and chocolate free - but I swear her brown is just a tad darker.


Lean said...

Yes you right about the brown stuff.....i am so happpy thats he is ok.
bye bye,Lean.

The Thundering Herd said...

So happy to hear - keep getting better Brynn.

Paws on the Run said...

So glad to hear she is doing well!

BevB said...

Great photos and am MUCH relieved that Brynn's showing no serious ill effects. The peeing is unfortunate but bedding will wash.

An English Shepherd said...

Glad Brynn is better :-)


Emma Rose said...

I'm so glad Brynn is ok. I read your post over the weekend but couldn't comment. We were praying for her. The pictures are beautiful. She has always been adorable but she's growing into a real beauty!

The Duchess

PoochesForPeace said...

Glad to hear she is ok.

Gennasus said...

That was an awful lot of cookies she ate! So glad to hear that she has lived to tell the tale.

Beautiful photos of her.

Pat A said...

They grow up too fast. Brynn is gorgeous as a young lady but was adorable as a pup.
Glad to hear she is doing well.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving even if most of the cookies were missing. I never have read if dates are bad for dogs but we had a baking day to make 10 loaves of date nut bread ( yeast bread ) and the dogs were not too happy that we did not share.