Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trees in Spring

We went outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures, break in the rain a little Jolly Ball Time with Ranger. He was so pleased.

I love our back yard. As expected the dogs typically destroy our turf & smaller ground plants. For the most part they have left the trees alone. Why bother a large tree when there are small shrubs such as Japanese Maples to debark, shred, gnaw and destroy?

We have managed to keep a few sections of our smallish yard undogfiled. John and I have spent considerable time and money on our fruit trees. There is nothing better than going out in your back yard and picking a ripe cherry, pear, plum or my favorite...a juicy sun warmed apple.

I took a moment to enjoy the first subtle indications of spring by checking on the trees - to look for any sign of rot or damage from the winter.

The plum tree was beginning to leaf out and bloom

The ornamental weeping cherry tree was showing just the hint of blooms, while the chives were already growing like gangbusters in the whiskey barrel behind it

Our favorite and highest producing cherry tree is loaded with new buds

The wonderful willow that graces the corner of our yard & helps control the water problem there is healthy and full of life.

The Pear


The delicious dwarf Liberty Apple... G-O-N-E! All that was there is a STUMP?

All about my feet lies nefarious evidence of apple tree slaughter.

What happened to the rest of the 8 foot tall tree?

Oh yes...silly me, there it is...wedged under the boat.


Gennasus said...

No! You didn't!!!

Lauren said...

I'm glad to hear that it's not only my backyard constantly ravaged by dogs!!

An English Shepherd said...

I have a habbit of eating the vegetation as well, very tasty ;-)

Nibbles Treats said...

Ha Ha! That's a bad deal!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Emma Rose said...

That's too bad about the apple tree. We BC's are really quite good at "landscaping". I have completely redone our backyard! I'm also good at interior design if left alone too long as I tend to get bored and need some "stimulation". Ha!

fulltiltbcs said...

I am sooooo jealous! I want living things happening...but we just have SNOW...ugh!

Mason Dixie said...

Your jolly ball looks awesome. What great pictures of new Spring. and the tree is under the boat?

StellaStar said...

oooh! I'm lovin all your fruit trees! Poor tree-that-is-under-the-boat. A pity about the Japanese Maple, too. :(