Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life With Ranger

Last Friday Ranger and I went to the casting call-back for a Washington Lottery commercial. They are looking for an expressive dog who can play Frisbee on the beach and Ranger fits the bill to a 'T'.

The morning before we went to the audition - Ranger was running around here like a fart in a mitten. When we got to the audition he must have been channeling Lassie and settled right down to work. I swear, someone pulls out a camera and Ranger poses...




During the audition Ranger sat, downed, stayed, made his handsome face for the camera, chased the Frisbee, brought it back, shook it & tried to kill it several times (which only made everyone laugh). He was a movie star (in my eyes at least). The only thing he didn't do was tilt his head from side to side on cue. (How do you train your dog to do that anyway?)

There were three dogs in the call-back. Ranger, a Marley look alike and an Irish Wolf Hound mix. They also wanted to see Beth, while her Frisbee skills are stellar, her face and eyes are too dark for what they are looking for.

Ranger's only real competition was the Irish Wolf Hound who may have more of the look they are going for. The human actor is an older gentleman and they may think the wolfhound looks like a dog he could conceivably have. However the wolf hound won't chase Frisbee's on a beach. Depends on what direction they really want to go with the dog role I guess.

I am partial to Ranger of course. We will wait and see what they decide.

This weekend when John and I took the dogs for a walk this series of pictures happened in the course of a couple of minutes when we took a break.

C'mon Dad, throw the stinkin' ball already!

Outta my way, I got it!

Yep, got it

After leaping in the air Ranger crashed to the ground, he flopped over onto his back.

Ranger could entertain himself in a cardboard box.

Brynn sure thinks he is the bee's knees

Ranger is as Ranger does...


StellaStar said...

Ranger would make a great commercial-star! How DO you teach your dog to tilt its head to the side? Hmmm. Tricky. I hope Ranger makes it!

Nibbles Treats said...

Oh Ranger! How wonderful - you could be a super star! We sure hope you get the part!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

An English Shepherd said...

I will keep my paws crossed Ranger gets the part :-)

Wizz :-)

Emma Rose said...

I hope you get the part Ranger. That would be a good example for your little sister Brynn. She can tell all her friends that her big brother is a STAR!

Emma Rose

Greg S said...

Ranger is such a cool looking guy. I love all the white and those face patches, whats not to love really?
My Skye-boy has a lot of white and and I just think dogs with lots of white photograph better. I hope Ranger gets the gig!