Friday, April 17, 2009

Brynn's First Day Outside

Who is an adorable, furry, four-legged, razor toothed destructomatic?

Brynnie-Butt as we so fondly call her now.

The vet gave us the green light to play outside in limited amounts. Yesterday our friend Vicki brought five of her fully vaccinated adult border collies over for our weekly doggie play-date at our isolated spot on the river.

Brynn was so happy to be outside!

So many new experiences!

Look Mom, look what I found!

Nom, nom, nom...

Mom, why are you laughing at me?

Brynn was happy to sit on the rocks and watch the older dogs play in the water.

She figured out how to stay out of their way.

Yep, I think I will stay out of their way too.

A few times she ventured down to the water to explore when the older dogs were further down stream. Ranger kept an eye on his new little sis.

Brynn is fascinated with Beth, who just ignores her.

Bonnie checked on her frequently.

Uhoh, the big dogs are coming back!

Mom, I think I will stay up here for a while.

Nom, nom, nom....I found a piece of bark to chew on.

The sun is so nice and warm...I think I am falling asleep. *sigh*

No I'm not...just foolin' ya!

I like to talk alot

Don't be fooled by this picture. She may be cute and sweet, but she can rip upholstery off the underside of the couch faster than you can blink.

Time to go home...


kiwichick said...

She is so precious. Loved all the puppy pics. The river looked like such a blast.

Emma Rose said...

We are so happy to see her healthy and active! But sorry about the sofa thing :)

Emma Rose

Painter Pack said...

Harooooo rooooo rooooo!!! So good to see a healthy and happy little Brynn playing with all them doggies!!! Woo take care sweet girl!!!

Mya Boo Boo

Jodi said...

Way too cute! Great photos!

fulltiltbcs said...

sooooo glad to see she is doing better and growing!!! What a doll!

Suzuki said...

Big licks to you

An English Shepherd said...

Very cute pictures!

Wizz :-)

Pat A said...

Love all the pix, will have to come back and snag some. Now she can get out and wear off some of that energy, she will start leaving the furniture alone after she is a 15 on an energy scale of 1 to 10 for BC pups.
Her sister, Echo, went home yesterday. This litter is so active that each one leaves a larger hole when they leave.
Hugs to both you and Brynn.

PoochesForPeace said...

So happy to see.

Nicki said...

what a cutie, great pics

The Gray Family said...

What an adorable puppy you have and a lovely blog.
I like the look of Bonnie - lots of naughty spots (freckles!)

Greg S said...

You are so fortunate to have her come through this. We lost a little pup to parvo many years ago. Brynn must be very special - she's going to go far!