Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend of Sheep

Finally Tyler's introduction to sheep video! (Please disregard the large gorilla wearing her husband's red shirt in the pen with him).

After working very hard in Obedience 101 Miss Bonnie has earned the right to approach sheep again. She had the right attitude - calm, interested (somewhat focused) yet obedient. The goal right now is to make sure that Bonnie knows she doesn't rule the world and all encounters with sheep are positive. She is not old enough for any type of serious training. Chris also decided to keep Bonnie's drag line on to further keep her under control and to enable her to be successful.

John worked Beth this weekend on some very snarky lambs. It was a real pleasure to watch her try and figure out how to handle them. She was used to working on dog broke sheep - she was getting challenged with these lambs.

Beth even manages to look delicate and ladylike in the field. Little Miss Priss didnt want to get her feet wet in the upper part of the field. She kept dodging puddles and mole hills & still kept the sheep in line.

Beth produced some stunning outruns and nice straight drives.

Karen Child complimented John & Beth after watching some of their work. Unfortunately John skipped his monthly lesson with Karen this week because he hasn't had the time to work on the things she told him to focus on in December (due to the weather and working overtime on Saturday's).

Is it just me...or do Beth's ears seem just a bit to big for her head?

If I nice wind came up...whoosh....Bat Dog would take flight!

Grace is very interested in learning herding. John has been taking her in the field with him and explaining everything. I think it is pretty cool! We need to buy her some good boots. Poor little kid's feet were soaking wet on those boots...Time to get her some BOGS Boots!

I was pleased with this picture. I finally got the focus on the right thing!

Beth looks like she is saying "What do you mean 'that'll do?'"

Wooohoooo Beth full on running after this one lamb that refused to stay with the rest. She has been reliably 'looking back' every time one splits off.

What a good girl!


sheepkelpie said...

Nice work! Tyler is darling! I love that your hubby and daughter are out there together! Lambs, they do a sheepdog good! Did you see my vids? Was it the weekend for vids? !

Paws on the Run said...

I love the last picture. The look on the sheep's face is priceless.

Danielle said...

Wonderful! It looks like a lot of fun working out there. Wet, but fun! I love the videos!

Sarah said...

great photos and VIDEO! Tyler is so cute, and the girls looks great too!

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

Wow good work Beth. What a cutie!