Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meet Tyler

Hi, my name is TYLER. I am taking over the blog because my foster mom is to busy to write a post today. She has to keep her eyes on me so I won't pee in the house.

I am an 18 week old goofy black & white border collie puppy lookin’ for my forever home.

I went to see the vet yesterday and he said I am 20.7 lbs. He thinks I am going to tip the scales at a healthy 45 lbs when I am full grown. He gave me treats when he poked me in a couple places so I ‘m all up to date on my shots. I’m in perfect health & will be neutered before I go to my new home (I didnt like the sound of that). It looks like I am going to be a 'smoothish' coat. I am absolutely adorable with one blue and one brown eye.

I’m happy to let all the other dogs in the pack tell me what to do, cuz I am still a puppy. But I get along with all of them just fine. Ranger doesnt seem to like me much. He is being kinda grumpy to me. He told me that he doesnt like other boys messing with his stuff. I think he is jealous.

He spent most of the night last night staring at the fire & lookin' pathetic. I think he has a good con job goin' here. When he looks all sad and stuff he gets all the attention. I am onto his game...yessireee...

My foster ma said I am a velcro puppy - not sure what that means? If it means I stick by her side - then YEP, 'dats me! That may change when I get older and feel more secure in my home.

Yesterday all the big dogs scared the daylights out of me when they went charging after the ball. They knocked me arse over teakettle. After that I stayed so close to my foster mom that when she stopped I hit her legs. I almost tripped her once too, so she picked me up and carried me. I was much happier then.

My best friend is 8 mo old puppy, Bonnie, who doesn’t like new dogs much – but for some reason she really likes me.

Beth even tried to play with me. Which is amazing cuz my foster mother say's she is a snarky b(bleep)tch

We love to run and play tug. Bonnie even shared her favorite bone with me.

Then she fell asleep mid chew and I got it all to myself.

I like the other dogs so I really would like a home with another dog so I won’t be lonesome.

I am crate trained (I only sing for a little while in my crate at night - then I settle down nicely and go to sleep). I am working on the house training thing. My foster mom said that I am smart as a whip and know that the word 'potty' means I need to do my business. If I do my 'business' in the house it is all her fault anyway - cuz she forgot to take me out every 30 minutes. Serves her right I pee on the carpet... least when I make a boo boo I have been doing it on the carpet at the back door? Thats good right?

There is this fluffy white thing here they call a cat. His name is Charlie O'Chicken – I’m pretty happy to leave him alone - but he keeps following me around. He smells funny too...

Please make him quit following me?

I love to be with my people. I'd rather be sitting and snuggling on a lap than on the floor. But I can chill out with a good chew toy. I just like to be busy and have lots to do.

I learned 'sit' and they introduced me to this thing that makes funny clicking sounds. Whatever it is, I like it, cuz I get food when my butt hits the ground. I will need to have lots more training to keep me out of trouble – so puppy kindergarten & a border collie savvy home would be perfect for me so I can learn all the stuff I am ‘spose to.

I met woolie things called sheep today. My foster mom is a dingbat - she forgot the silly camera. Anyway... I really like sheep! Everyone who was watching kept saying "wow"! I guess that means I did some good stuff huh? The lady that teaches herding to my foster mom said that I went into the pen (with a drag line) ready to work and made sure to look to her for direction. I was focused on the sheep and kept right with them without chasing or biting. She said I was gonna make a fine sheepdog some day. They made sure to keep it very light and fun & POSITIVE. They made me leave the pen before I wanted too. I didn't want to leave the sheep - I want to go back to them. We are going to see them again tomorrow. I wont be able to play with them but I can smell them again!

My foster mom says I would be an excellent 'jility prospect because I jumped right up on the kitchen island counter this morning. I wasn't anticipating slipping that much and falling off the other side. I took the cutting board with me - Mom wasn't happy about that.

I like to jump on chairs (especially right before they try and sit in them).

I jumped on tables, couches, and I even jumped right into the bathtub full of water. Oops! I am not afraid of anything in that regards.

Because of crazy puppy behavior I might not be the best puppy for a bunch of little kids because I might knock them over with my energy when I am a bit bigger. I don’t mean nuttin’ by it – I just don’t knows better yet. I am gentle though when you give me treats. I make sure not to eat your fingers too. I will also need a securely fenced yard because of my stellar jumping ability.

If you want to meet me: please submit an application at PNW Border Collie Rescue


Raising Addie said...

OMD Tyler you are gorgeous!!! I think I am in LOVE!

I just laughed out loud about you jumping on the island in the kitchen and flying off the other side. I could just picture it in my mind.

I just know you are going to find a wonderful forever home fast! As beautiful as you are... no one will be able to resist you!

Lots of Luv and Kisses

Versailles Rose said...

Sounds like someone has a good case of the 'puppy crazies'!

sheepkelpie said...

You are one handsome lad Tyler. Think you can find a ride to NY? So, you like sheep too??? Hmmmm