Saturday, January 31, 2009

Border Collie 'Cold' Beach Party!

Directly after picking Happy up in Grays Harbor County on Thursday we drove out to see Vivian at the beach. Vivian has several Border Collies. Four permanent dogs (three BC's and one hound of mixed parentage), two fosters and one "pseudo-foster" (she can't decide if she wants to keep him or not).

We went to the beach for a Border Collie Party!

When we got to the beach everyone was so excited! Border Collies everywhere!

Whoops, Happy fell down!

Happy likes to get about 50 feet away and wait for you to throw the ball, then he will watch and dart over to grab it. Not much gets him to move - here Gwen the anti-BC is saying hello. Happy couldn't care less - he is watching Vivian with the ball.

Ranger says - "Look what I can do! Where are my paws? Where is the ball?"

Ranger buried the ball. The other dogs think Ranger is an idiot. So Ranger dug it back up then tried to dig a bigger hole. He told me he was trying to bury Happy. He said 'no one is that happy all the time'

NOTE: see Happy in the background - still not moving.

Ranger said "Did you see me do that cool thing with the ball? The girls all think I am so hot!"

Beth ignored him. Bonnie said he was an fugly-ugly moron. Then she ran after her new buddy Abe who has speckles like her.

After making googly eyes at Abe, Bonnie wandered over and drank a bunch of salt water (which she puked up in the back seat on the way home. Ranger secretly thought it was hysterical).

As you can see Happy still hasn't moved much. First Bonnie circled him, then Beth.

Bonnie says "Seagull poop up here, everyone come smell!"

Ranger falls for it every time...

WOW! Happy MOVED! He cleared that log with the best of them!

He can also pose like a statue

Oh look, Stepford Collies. (I only say that because for some reason these pictures kinda give me the creeps! They look to perfect...)

The sun is going down, the shadows are getting long - time to go home..


Andrea said...

Now that's our kind of beach!!! Love the photos of all of them together! :)

Sarah said...

LOL stepford collies!!

i wouldn;t want to be a sheep onthat beach :)

man, i wish we had a beach right now - the water is still half ice covered here.

Raising Addie said...

What an amazing party!!!

We wish we could have been there to join in on the fun!

These pictures are just wonderful!!

Oh, we are sooo far behind in blog visiting...

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie & Lucie