Friday, January 9, 2009

Dogs & Horses

While longing for the long warm dry days of Summer I found a series of shots from when the dogs met my dad's horses in July.

Ranger loves Sox (9 y/o Quarter Horse). Since this meeting, when we visit the grandparents, Ranger heads right out to the paddock and says hello to Sox.

Sox says "What do we have here?"

Sox said "I smell dog"

Ranger thinks Sox has a big head

Nose to Nose

"Hey Ranger Dude...come back o'er here!"

Yo Dog - I make loud noises with hoof on fence

You ignored me, now I ignore you...dumb dog

Ranger tells Sox he is sorry he ignored him...but he is still a little scared of him

That is cool, silly dog....we can chill for a while, all is forgiven.

Patches wants to meet Ranger too.

Ranger and Sox want to play! Mom won't let Ranger off the leash quite yet..Sox might eat him.

Nose to Nose ... Hoof to Paw

Nose to Beth butt...

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