Friday, May 14, 2010

Roadtrip & Other Ramblings

We are off on another trip to Idaho.  Just the two of us...Brynn and me. 

We are attending the Patrick Shannahan / Dianne Deal Novice Handlers clinic this weekend. 

We need it.  While Brynn looks great....

....I need some help.   The month since she has been home from Dianne has been rocky.  Brynn is awesome, but my insecurities in handling and my overwhelming fear I am going to 'break' Brynn has been shadowing the fun we should be having. 

Most days we work have been going really well.  I have been trying to keep it light and fun, yet work on the basics.

The weekend of the 1st John and I attended a fantastic novice handling clinic at Sue MacDonalds.  She took us through the basics of trials.  Then we each ran a novice course with Sue looking over and giving us tips every step of the way. 

John experienced penning for the first time. 

Wow, those sheep look cooperative

Uhhh...John.  Beth is up and your dog!

The expression on his face is priceless

Not sooooo easy now huh?  Around, around they go...where they stop no one knows!

Giving it another try....almost there

Oops....John, look behind you. 

I felt his pain.  My pens didnt go much better that day.  The clinic was fantastic.  We both really enjoyed it. 

If you would like to see some really bad pictures I shot at the clinic click here EWESFUL ACRES HANDLING CLINIC

Beth has come leaps and bounds since her time with Dianne.  She is a driving maniac.  She is learning how to work with John.  It is still very difficult to see her look at me with those sad eyes when I go out in the field with Brynn.  My heart breaks a little... 

 Bonnie continues to amaze me.  She has really surprised Sue too.  I dont know what light bulb switched on in her brain, but something changed.  Could it have been all the work we did for the CGC?  I don't know for sure. 

I am gradually lengthening her outruns and we have started driving a smidgen.  She is going to be one of those dogs that prefers to drive. 

I am so proud of the progress she has made.  She is proud of herself too and isn't afraid to let everyone know. 

My heart smiles when I see pictures like this

I can forget all about any stress in my life

Dogs are great that way...

Happy and joyful

Joyful and happy

No obstacle seems to high for a dog

In my next life...I want to be a dog

I want to be a spoiled border collie. 

Uhn, I cant think of anything to say for this picture.  Can you? 

Ranger can't either...

Have a great weekend! 


Karen said...

Those are a couple of really hilarious pictures of the dogs jumping for the ball!

Lynn said...

Too bad you didn't have Ranger when he was little. I bet he was a precious puppy! He does look a bit puppyish in that last photo!

Lean said...

Great pictures of you all .
have a nice weekend to.

livin life said...

How I wish I could join you in Idaho! Have a great time, learn tons...I think I am headed to Fido's tomorrow....hey, will you pet Bella on the head for me if you see her?? Can't wait to hear about the clinic.

Karen said...

And those pictures look even better when I came to look at them again, with my glasses on this time:)
I must say you are brave wearing a white shirt when doing dog and sheep stuff:) How do you manage to look so clean still? I would look dirty before I even got started, white and I do not make a great match.

Greenhill Farm said...

Lovely pictures of sheep and dogs as always - Ranger never fails to make me laugh.

Amy said...