Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bad Busy Blogger

I have so many things to write about.

I want to tell you about the handlers clinic we went to this weekend at Sue MacDonalds.  How John experienced the trials and tribulations of penning with Beth.  How I experienced the trials and tribulations of penning with Brynn.   I have a whole photographic journey through this clinic to share.  But first I need to have time to sit down and go through all the pictures I shot..and of course right after I dig myself out of the huge hole of self pity I buried myself in.  

I could tell you about taking portraits of the kids.

Perhaps you could empathize with my pain.

The things one must go through to get them to cooperate.  The threats of pain, smashed video games, broken bones...all fall on deaf ears if it means you get to spit on your sibling.  That is worth any amount of punishment to befall you later. 

Unless your someone really does post them on the internet like she said she would.  HA HA!  Next time don't spit on each other while I am taking your pictures. 

Logical consequences...I am just sayin'

I could be telling you how shooting pictures of teenagers makes you want to hide under a log

Like Ranger does...

Eventually I will tell you about working dogs today and Friday at Cindy's.  The progress that has been made...and lost.

I ride the sheep herding short bus. <-------glaring example of self pity

You have heard about Big Hats and Little Hats right?  Well I am a Dumb Hat.  Yep, that is me (more self pity).  

I am glad my dogs love me regardless of my hat status.

It is cuz I give them food.  And scratch their itches, kiss them all over and spoil them more than my kids.

Oh crap...I am one of those freaky dog people.

I have a whole post planned on nothing but tongues.  Dog tongues.  Yep...written by your resident freaky dog person.  Betcha cant wait eh?

Oh yeah...I forgot to tell you all about the photo shoot I did of a lovely young woman and her horse.

I could look at this horse all day. 

I will tell you all about it soon. 

Soon...Sometime around 2015 I think.


Waylon Aussies said...

Love the horse photos! I'm also quite guilty of neglecting my blogs and not having enough time to catch it all up, so we can ride that bus together.

I was once at a clinic where I heard a handler say something along the lines of, "My little hat is a dunce cap!"

Lean said...

Grat pictures again and a sweet???story.

Karen said...

I love to see posts that aren't totally dogs! Not that I don't love the dog ones, but you also take awesome pictures of your kids, horses, and everything else. Hmm, do those kids know how many people read your blog? I'd be checking my back for a while!

Holly said...

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for always posting something that makes me smile and always makes me laugh (not at you, ever, just with you!). Your blog is something I turn to when I'm having a bad day because I know it'll always make me smile :) Love the pics of the tongues and the horse too!

Lynn said...

Surely you didn't just realize you were one of those "freaky dog people"?!! That's what I like most about you! :)

My word verification is "pughesia". Is that when you forget you're a pug, or when you mistakenly think you're one? Hmmmm.

Sherry said...

Hi, I found your blog through another dog-blogger's site and was happy to see you're fellow Washingtonians.
Sherry & Airedales

Erin O said...

Define your weakness,reflect on them, work on them, turn them into your strengths. Self pity is useless (I know a good wallow is in order sometimes), but keep moving, stagnation just make you fester. And well this whole herding thing is all about you :) Sorry thought you were going to get off easy. nope not so much. So look yourself in the eye and say honestly, "What needs to happen to make the relationship with my dog better so we are a team on that field doing the best job we are capable of right now in this moment?"
Me personally, I have a pile of stuff to work on, but I can only do it one thing at a time. Time is your greatest asset, believe it or not.

Amy said...


Can't wait to see the pics from the clinic. I'm especially interested to see if there was a shot of Molly running with the BC's. Which of these B&W dogs is not like the other?? LOL

Was wonderful to spend the day hanging out and have already enlisted Erin to help with outruns off people. Maybe then i'll finally GET a hat. 8)