Friday, May 21, 2010

Blue Skye, Grumpy Ewe & A Puppy

I am sorry.  I lied.  I did not get the post completed about the clinic this weekend....YET!  I am busy cleaning the house and working dogs - not to mention editing pictures.  It is very hard to sit inside and edit pictures when the sun manages to break through the clouds. .

While going through all the pictures shot this last weekend I stumbled onto a few gems.  These were shot on Monday following the clinic at Dianne Deal's place.

My friend Vicki's dog Skye has been with Dianne for the past month getting a 'tune-up' of sorts.

Skye is looking good!

Dianne has been working with Skye on a few issues that have popped up for Vicki lately.  One of them was her stubborn refusal to give Vicki a down and her pace.

Dianne addressed the lie down issue.  I love this shot because it shows the dirt flying as Skye skids to a rapid and snappy 'lie down'.   

Vicki is going to be a very happy camper when she gets Miss Blue Eyes back today.

As I type this Dianne is on her way to our house with Miss Skye.  Dianne is teaching at Cindy's place in Yelm this weekend.  Dianne will be sleeping at our house.  I get to feed her, house her and keep her up till the wee hours of the morning picking her brain.  Yes!

Miss Skye loves Dianne.  But she can't wait to see Vicki.

She wants to give Vicki a big hug.

Skye gives the best hugs.  She very nicely hops up and wraps her front legs around you and leans into you.  Then looks up at you with those gorgeous baby blue eyes.  No one with any ounce of heart can resist hugging her back.  Even when she is slopping mud all over your clean shirt.

Right after Dianne worked Skye on Monday she brought out Rocking Dog Ranch Lora Withnell's Bella.  What a sweet, sweet dog.

She may be sweet to people, but on sheep she can certainly hold her own.  The sheep were starting to get hot and grumpy.  One ewe in particular was being a real pain in the arse.  Bella was a tad bit surprised when she turned around and challenged her.

You can almost see Bella say "Ewe are going to regret that!"

"Get your arse moving!"

"You will rue the day you pushed me around!"

Good girl Bella!

 Monday morning was raining puppies.  Our friend Tonie from Just Me and Missy had her heart stolen by this little girl from the Helsey Ranch.

Her name is Katie Blu.  Can you guess why Tonie called her that?

I was struck with a uncontrollable case of puppy lust.  It rivals that biological clock feeling you get when hormones are screaming "YOU MUST HAVE A BABY".  You know the urge most women get in their twenties.  I fell victim to that voice entirely too many times.  Then I experienced teenagers - which cured that craving once and for all. 

But when it comes to puppies...I am weak..oh so pathetically weak.

When Tonie handed Katie Blue to me and she snuggled into my bosom then started to lick my neck...for a brief moment I calculated how long it would take me to get to my car and speed away in a cloud of dust.  But Tonie is much smaller and faster than me.  I would have had to bash her over the head with something and that just wouldn't be right.  I am pretty sure they don't allow you to have puppies in maximum security.

But for a moment, I admit....I considered insidious puppy thievery. Puppy lust is that strong. 

One day...I will succumb. 


Lean said...

oooo puppy´s so sweet lovely pictures ....again great shots!!!

Diana said...

OMG, awesome shots!!! Diana

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Tell your hubby that you want a puppy for your birthday....Jeanne B got a pup for her birthday. My hubby got one for Xmas....

livin life said...

Love all your pics....but esp. love your Bella pics!!! Have a great weekend with Diane! I'll be patient to read more.

KPR said...

Great pics, as always, Carolynn!

Jes said...

Fantastic blog! I can't wait to read more! The shots were all beautiful, and the puppy stole my heart, as well.

An English Shepherd said...

Great pictures

Puppies are always lovely :-)


Heather Houlahan said...

Does that pup have brindled tan markings on her back feet?

Nico and The Bandit said...

Hey! We think you have a great blog! Stop by our site today for an award!