Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ranger Reports on Cover Shoot

Hiya, this is Ranger.  I wanted to tell you about my trip to Couer d'Alene, Idaho where they shot the cover for Dr. Marty Becker's new book that will be coming out next year, "Your Dog: The Owners Manual".

Since I am a prime specimen of doghood I was selected to be on the cover with two other fine examples, Quixote and Henry.

Quixote is Dr. Becker's nice little dog.  He didn't like me much because I kept trying to get him to play with me.  He was very serious about the photo shoot and told me he thought I was a big black and white goober.  

Henry brought his mom and dad with him all the way from Montana for this shoot.  They had a longer drive than us.  Henry is a one year old golden retriever.  He was fun even though he didn't like me bonking him in the butt with my nose all the time.  I just wanted to play! 

Because Henry is so young he had some problems with sitting still.  Quixote scared him too. He liked Dr. Becker but wasn't all that happy being close to Quixote.  Quixote was nice to him, but Henry was being  freaky-deaky about it.  That is normal for a young whippersnapper.

So his mom took good care of him.  Her name was Jill.  Henry loves Jill. 

Henry brought his dad Curtis with him too.  The night before at dinner Mom said Jill and Curtis made them all laugh so hard her face hurt.  Dr. Becker gave my mom and Jill copies of some of his books.  (picture snagged from Dr. Becker's Facebook page)

They left us dogs in the car when they ate dinner with Dr. Becker & Mikkel.   I don't think that is fair.  Dogs should be able to go into human restaurants.  Just think of all the food they wouldn't have to throw away!  
The next day there were a lot of people there for the photo shoot.  It was done at Quicksilver Commercial Photography 

The photographers were Dustin Weed and Joel Riner.  Here they are pictured with Dr. Becker.  Dustin is on the left, Joel on the right.  (another picture snagged from Dr. Becker's Facebook page). 

People were doing things like straightening ties and stuff. 

Dr. Becker was cool and nice the whole time.  My mom said he had a contagious positive attitude.  He was fun, I liked him.

Dr. Becker's daughter Mikkel was there with her baby daughter, Reagan.  I liked them too.  I licked the baby's head.  She smelled funny, but I liked it.  Bonnie liked her too.

Dustin was fun.  He liked dogs.  He had some at home too. 

I liked the photographer, Joel Riner, because he was nice and patient.  He made lots of squeaky sounds before flashes.  I liked looking at him. I tried to bonk his laptop with my nose a couple of times.  My mom kept me from knocking the computer off the little table.  Joel looked kinda scared a couple of times but he petted me lots. 

My mom liked his camera.  I saw her drooling a couple of times. 

The whole shoot was kinda crazy!  (another picture from Dr. Becker's Facebook page)  We took lots of breaks when we got to play with our toys.

We needed breaks because it was hot under the lights.

I would hold my stay, then Henry would leave.  His mom would come back and put him down.  Then sometimes I got up and walked away. 

But the photographer, Joel,  was really good and he got lots of excellent pictures.  The pictures in this blog were taken by Dustin.   He was nice to take these pictures with my mom's camera.  He told my mom he would be happy to take her camera off her hands.  My mom laughed at him. 
There was lots of running around all for one shot.

They would be in our faces shoving treats down our snouts. Then bam, just like that they say STAY and would fly backward at the photographer...then FLASH the big lights went off.

I was a good boy and held my stays for a long time.

Toward the end I started to get tired.  It is hard work to hold stay after stay for 3 hours.  Not to mention a young boy like Henry. 

My mom was proud of me. 

She told me so lots of times. 

Dr. Becker held his stays the longest. 

My mom told Dr. Becker he was a good boy and tried to give him a treat too.

The whole morning was fun.  I was happy to be chosen and liked meeting everyone.  My mom said she cant wait to see the book.  It will be a must have for any dog owner.  Just look at the handsome crew that will be on the cover. 

The best part of the whole day was the ice cream cone I got on the way home.... and the TOYS!  Dr. Becker gave us a whole bunch of Kong, Planet Dog and Orbee toys.  My mom was smiling the whole way home.

It was a good time, new friends and lots of excellent memories. 

Thank you Dr. Becker and Gina! 


Christopher said...

Ranger scores one for the non-blondes!

Many congratulations on getting the much deserved exposure. I can tell you, it's VERY fun to walk into a book store and find a book with your dog in it, let alone on the cover!

Maybe your local bookstore can arrange a signing!!

Greenhill Farm said...

Aw such cute dogs! I'm sure Ranger did you proud.

The Thundering Herd said...

Woo - we know a supermodel! Are you being treated with all of the perks of a model at home? How cool for you, Ranger.

Lean said...

wauw what a great adventure pfff but you look great as a model.So who knows a new job for you..

Life With Dogs said...

Now we get to see the final result - what a great shoot!

BC Insanity said...

What a great photo shoot! Ranger was the best looking dog there, he's so stinkin' photogenic.
Congrats on such a great adventure and to many more!

An English Shepherd said...

Great smiley pictures :-)


MTWaggin said...

I thought that looked like Jill and Henry in the video - now I know I wasn't just imagining things!

Gina said...

I was so happy to find such great dogs and owners for the cover. This is the most exciting book project I have ever been on, and I can't wait to see it in the stores.

Mostly, of course, for the honor of seeing MY NAME on the same cover as RANGER'S PICTURE.

Seriously, what higher honor could there be?

Gina Spadafori