Monday, January 11, 2010

Mutterings of a Camera Obsessed Fool

I am in love...

....with my camera

I apologize in advance - all pictures in this post are EXTRA LARGE!  Because...I felt like being EXTRA LARGE today.  Actually I am EXTRA LARGE every day because I went off my damn diet again and have shunned Curves...*sigh* Oh well...I digress. 

It is a sad state of affairs.  No one is immune - they are all being photographed.

Who could have passed up that shot?  If I didn't take that picture...I would have well and truly died.

Vicki & Bonnie

That reminds me...Vicki's pup Bug is a year old today.   Do you remember Bug?  Read about the first time Bug and Brynn met here 'Puppy Fest Post'.   Bug and Brynn have grown up together.

I have no idea how I got this picture of Bug, but I think it is rather cool.

Happy Birthday Bug!


I am a slave to this arm hurts from lugging it around with me. I think I am getting carpal camera syndrome.    Doodle agrees.

So does Blitz....

Blitz is so tired of the camera - he left me on on the side of the river and went to play with non camera people...with tennis balls, don'tcha know.

"Its okay Camera Face....I still love you."

Ranger doesn't love me, he loves the ball

The ball loves him too.

We all know Beth loves the ball.  WOOHOOO!  Perfect catch!

Brynn had a run of bad luck when the ball bounced off her head.  Bummer, Fail.

Happy dogs...I love happy dogs.  I am so happy I have this camera....

I even learned what Bokeh is!  Look Doodle Bokeh!

I am partial to this profile picture of Beth, she displays her long graceful neck and freakishly long tongue... the bokeh is lovely too. 

Bokeh is gorgeous.  Don't ask me to explain how I am getting this....because I have no frigging idea.

What is Bokeh?  In photography, bokeh is the blur, or aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image.  However you get it...I like it.

Ranger says "Okay Camera Face, enough of the Bokeh crap....lets talk about my tongue.  Whatcha think 'bout dat huh?  I have cauliflower tongue!"  

"Mom, I need to tell you something.....Ranger is an idiot."

Did you know that Bonnie can blow raspberries?  I have proof. 

"OMG Camera me!  Ranger is going to eat me!"

And this is the reason why I am going to die a happy woman.  My life is complete...for I have taken my favorite picture of all time.  Errrr....Well, until I take another one...

Since my camera is permanently attached to my face...I hope I will get another shot like this soon.

Happiness is simple...just visit your local camera store...and for $3,000.000 you too can be assimilated.

Welcome to the collective.


Christopher said...

A+ on the photography. Ranger is a supermodel, really, and yes, the Bokeh is very nice. Although, Umami has supplanted bokeh as my favorite Japanese word.

Just say it. Umami!

I used to get in trouble with purists over the film vs. digital debate, but series like this just continue to prove that you can have BOTH quality and quantity with digital.

And yes, the price seems high, but I can't imagine how expensive it'd be to take 100 photos in an hour and think nothing of it, or blow 20 shots in a few seconds just trying to capture that action with real film... let alone paying for processing and the worst part, not getting the instant feedback which aids in learning.

Plus, what's the real cost of all those real film photos that just didn't get taken because you only had a few shots left on a roll and you wanted to save them for the best photos? The best thing about digital is the freedom. Take the shot, decide later.

Diana said...

OMG, Awesome pictures!!! How many times have you gone back to your own blog to look at them again? LOL They are really great! Diana

Debra Kay said...

I didn't know there was a formal term for bokeh. Could you do the hokey bokey and turn yourself around?

Emma Rose said...

I can't decide which photo is my favorite.They are all so good! Vicki looks radiant.

Bokeh is what drove me into the DSLR world. Ahhhh, Bokeh, it's a beautiful thing!

Do you find yourself more willing to go and do things you may have passed on before? "Oh yeah! I can take my camera and... and...and.."
Makes life much more enjoyable!

It gets lighter :) Soon it will feel like a natural extension of your arm. You might look funny with one arm that much longer than the other, but you won't care :) Just keep clicking!!!

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Looking at pictures of your dogs makes me smile. Thank you for posting them.

LauraK said...

Such beautiful pictures! Want to come photograph my dogs? lol

Lean said...

Wauwwwwwwwww great pictures of your lovely dogs&you.
bye bye,Lean.

Kitty said...

Ever thought about professional photography? Beautiful pics. You could pay for that thing and get even more gadgets to go with it. I hope to be assimilated one day. It would make me happy happy.

The Thundering Herd said...

Unfair, unfair, unfair. I so want to upgrade my camera and have sooooo promised to be good for a while. The temptation is terrible with those fantastic pictures.

Janet said...

Those are great pictures Carolynn! Ranger is such a striking dog and Beth's tongue is hilarious!

BCxFour said...

Christopher - UMAMI! I LOVE IT! Now it is stuck in my head and I just wiki 'ed it. LOL Thanks for that! Just what I needed another word to mutter to myself. People already think I am 'touched'....'nuff said.

I was just talking to John the yesterday about the price of film and developing - and how much the world of photography has exploded with the mainstream use of digital cameras. It is funny though...because I still find myself hesitating a smidgen before I take as shot thinking I need to preserve my film. It will take a while to get past that hesitation I am sure. Now I have restrain myself from taking too many pictures because it will take me a century to go through them and edit them. Know what I mean?

BCxFour said...

Diana - No need for me to keep going back to my blog over and over again when I have FLICKR! There I have them all together and can savor them to my hearts content - even make a slide show. LOL (sshhhhh dont tell anyone but I do come back several times a day and look at them on my blog too - just cuz I love them and they make me smile.)

Debra Kay - you CRACKED ME UP! But wouldnt it be Bokeh Hokeh Pokeh?

Dyan (Emma Rose) - I hope it gets lighter soon because I have gone through an entire bottle of Ibuprofen in the past month just for my arm. ;-) Guess I should go back to Curves for the strength training so I can schlep my camera around with me! We should get together and talk Bokeh soon. *grin* I need to see that puppy! BTW did you get any response on CL about the herding lessons? Email me!

Laura - Sure...send plane ticket and I will be happy to come and photograph your gorgeous pups! LOL

Kitty - I would LOVE to move into professional photography at some point - but I have SOOOO much to learn before I can. Maybe someday.

An English Shepherd said...

Happy Birthday Bug.

What great pictures. The boss wants one of those cameras but we have to eat, so not yet ;-)


Paws on the Run said...

AWESOME PICS!!!!!! That last one is jaw dropping good!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there; we are all thinking positive thoughts for you and the family.

Laura Carson said...

With you on the XL girl. Those pics are great, and how could we NOT love pictures of Ranger??!!! Made my night, thank you!

Bandit's Pack said...

Man, what awesome, awesome photos!! Glad I found your blog.

Lacey said...

it's also referred to as depth of field...controlled by aperture, or, how wide the opening is that lets in the light...

Pat A said...

Oh Wow are you going to enter photo contests?

I save a lot of the pix, hope it is ok, only for albums for the dogs that when I am too old to foster, I will be able to look through them and smile.

Life With Dogs said...

That does it, I have to go camera shopping. I have been on the fence, but have not seen such an impressive collection of dog snaps in a while. Just amazing!