Sunday, January 17, 2010

Got Balls?

I am good

Yeah, I am THAT good.....

I am good with a beach ball. 

Even after I kilt it.  What?  Beachballs and teeth dont mix well?

I am good with red ball.  Spend as much time in cold water as I would have them too.  Errr...wait, that is right - I don't.  

Red balls die slightly slower than beach balls.


Gurlgle gurlgle...


I told you I am good...

I have rid the world of another deadly red ball - men everywhere are safe.  

I am good on a log

Brynn is good in a bog

I am good, even with Bonnie the B-BLEEP-tch hot on my tail.

She is slower than a snail

She thinks she can get me

She can't catch a flea

I am so good... I walk on water. 

I am the master of balls

WAIT!   I was set up...the ball bounced off my head.  NO FAIR! 

I demand a RETAKE!

Got balls? 

Nothing will make up for the pair that were taken from me, but I will keep looking.


Lynn said...

Yea, Ranger!(Can you guess which photo I'm going to "borrow"?)

Emma Rose said...

Love the demise of the red ball. All the photos are wonderful.


PS I sent you an email.

Debra Kay said...

All hail Ranger, Beautiful Ball Master

Lean said...

Wauwwwwwwww you are great walking on whater??????
What's the trick a want to learn it too.
hugs Misty.

Bandit's Pack said...

My favorites are of Bonnie and Ranger in the water playing with the tennis ball, but all the photos are superb.

JaderBug said...

lol these pictures are really great... especially love the red ball pics :)

An English Shepherd said...

I think you are enjoying that camera ;-)

Wizz :-)