Friday, January 22, 2010

52 Weeks & Going to Idaho

This is a quick post to let you all know you don't hear from soon I have slid off a mountain somewhere on my way to Caldwell, Idaho.  Please send help. 

On that cheerful note I wanted to share this weeks 52 weeks photos with you. 

Wait...I never told you about 52 weeks did I?  Sorry...

52 Weeks for Dogs is a photography group on Flickr of die-hard dog photo addicts who commit to photographing their dog, one photo a week.  The catch is the photo MUST be shot within that week (no catch up allowed)and the rules are strictly enforced.

There are some fantastic photos in this group  Flickr Group - 52 Weeks For Dogs

We are on week three.  Since you can only have one dog in this group at a time - I chose Ranger for this project.  Because he is the easiest dog to photograph (he poses) and my photography skills are less than stellar - so I needed the easy one. 

These are  Rangers 52 Week submissions so far - two of which you have already seen. 

1/52 - Ranger

 2/52 - Ranger

3/52  - Ranger

Not to leave my other dogs out I also committed to personally doing the rest of them - on my own.  Brynn will have a big gap in her pictures - because she will be in Idaho sadly.  Hopefully Dianne can send me weekly pictures of her that I can plug in there. 

You have already seen Brynn's first 52 week contribution

2/52 - Brynn

3/52 - Brynn

I just looked at the clock and freaked out.  I need to get on the road to Idaho - so I am going to cut this short. 

You have already Bonnie's first and second 52 week shots - so here is her third

3/52 Bonnie

Beth's shots are nothing to write home about.  But you can see hers here

Beth's 52 Week Project

Wish me luck and pray I don't drive into a snow bank somewhere!

Idaho HO.  That didn't sound right did it?  Would it be IdaHO. No...YoudaHo.  Okay okay that was old and pathetic, but I am still giggling. 


Pat A said...

Please come prepared and be careful. There is a huge storm coming from California up the east side of Oregon and in Idaho. It is coming as far north as Spokane.
I want to be able to meet you in Ellensburg on Monday.
And of course, you know that anytime you are passing here, you are most welcome to stop in and take a break and let your dogs run for a while.
Safe Travels, Pat

An English Shepherd said...

Lovely pictures, good luck on your trip :-)


Lean said...

Have fun and be carful.
bye bye,Lean&Misty.

The Thundering Herd said...

Enjoy the trip and Idaho. And, oh, stay on the road.

Debra Kay said...

Drive safe!

Ian said...

These are great! I, also, am a member of the 52 Weeks for Dogs group on Flickr. Border collies were unallowed by the time I joined, so I'm doing it with one of my chihuahuas (Tucker).

Looking forward to seeing more!


Emma Rose said...

I am dying to know - HOW WAS IDAHO?????