Friday, October 16, 2009

Ranger's Commercial

Long ago and far away Ranger had a call back audition for a Washington Lottery commercial.

In May I wrote about it here Life With Ranger

They needed a dog that would chase and retrieve a Frisbee on a beach.

 Right up Ranger's alley.

At the audition, the animal talent agent brought along her Irish Wolfhound mix.  A few weeks later I saw the commercial on TV and there was her dog.

What do they call that?  Nepotism?  Errr...Dogpotism? I guess they thought he would be a better fit for the part than Ranger.

I think they were right...but I sigh every time I see this commercial.   Ranger would have been so perfect - in my eyes of course..

Poor Ranger, always the groomsman, never the groom...or something like that.

Egads, could you imagine the outtakes?  

Ranger, I won the lotto with you.


Emma Rose said...

You are right. Ranger would have been a better choice! Of course it would have ended up being a comedy instead of a sentimental commercial. But it would have been great. I think you should make you own :) Then share it with all of us.

Emma Rose

Jaenne said...

You know, it was really probably for the best...I mean, think about it...the fame goes straight to his head, you'd have to deal with pup-arazzi at your house, he starts hanging out with the "wrong" packs in stardogdom, dealing with all the b*tches claiming to be pregnant with his puppies (even though he's neuter) and then the next thing you'll know is that E! will be doing a dogamentry on Ranger and he'll start to show up on reality tv shows...

BCxFour said...

Oh my doG, I am dying laughing!

Pat A said...

What fun to even be considered. If Ranger was in the commercial, everyone would be trying to adopt a Ranger and then think how many foster dogs you would need to have because the people watching would never understand a Ranger type dog.

Lean said...

Ranger YOU are the BEST!!!!!!!!

Life With Dogs said...

We all know what the right call would have been. Ranger remains a best kept secret!

BevB said...

It's really a great commercial but now every time I see it, I'll think about how much better it could have been with Ranger.
and Jaenne's comment was hilarious!

The Thundering Herd said...

Ranger was clearly a better choice - and, yes, we would have loved the outtakes.

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

Yeah, don't be too sad. Jaenne is right! You don't know the "baggage" that comes with these. All those stress about the fur being in the right place at the right time. And all those lights! You might actually stress Ranger OFF a Frisbee... ;P

Versailles Rose said...

There's a NY State Lotto advert he would have been perfect for. A dog finds a rumpled dollar bill and takes it to a corner store for a lottery ticket. The next frame has the dog's master standing outside looking towards the house saying 'Where is that dog, anyway?', and a stretch limo rolls by with the dog at the back window. =) Yeah, that one's for Ranger.