Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update: Raw vs. Prepared Dog Food

It has been two weeks since we switched food.  I want to thank everyone for their emails, comments and support.  WOW the response was overwhelming and full of information. I truly appreciate the time and effort each of you put into sharing links and oodles of information. 

After much thinking and discussion we have settled on a combination of kibble and raw.

The kibble we selected is Acana Grain Free "Prairie Harvest"  

Prairie Harvest is free-run chicken, fish (walleye & lake whitefish) & fresh eggs.  Human grade, low carb & grain free. We will change that periodically to their other grain free blends; Pacifica (salmon, flouder, herring), and Grasslands (lamb, eggs, walleye & northern pike.   

I am supplementing this with raw (e.g. raw meaty bones, turkey back/neck, veg blend, yogurt, eggs, lamb and Honest Kitchen dehydrated for when I am in a hurry)

The first most important thing - The GAS IS GONE!!!  (insert happy dance here)

All stools are firm and normal looking and the most important thing...the dogs are diving into their food like I have never seen before.

Using Beth as an example:  Before she was a typical border collie, if there was something more interesting going on she wouldn't eat.  Most days I had to separate her from the other dogs and shut her into a room with her bowl to get her to eat her food.  She acted like it was a major chore.  Now she is bouncing around like a jack rabbit on crack before meal time and her energy level has gone through the roof. 

Another huge change I have seen is in their coats.  Especially Brynn's coat.  Her fur has changed so much over the past week - she reminds me a sleek seal.  Shiny, smooth and silky.

Just to test - this morning I put a dab of canned Canidae on their kibble.  This afternoon I was engulfed yet again by the gaseous green cloud of doom.    That confirmed I have done the right thing.

Happy tummy, happy dog, happy mom.


Ann said...

YEAH!!!! How exciting, Carolynn! I'm so happy for you!

FWIW, I toured a dog food manufacturing plant today. You're doing the right thing. :)

sweetpea_path said...

What a FABULOUS outcome for ALL of you :>}} HOOOORAAAY! Great to read your posts about your process, not only deciding but implementing. It's the dogs that let us know, tho, isn't it?! Yours sound like they're off and running with a new lease on life....doesn't get much more wonderful than that!!

Jules said...

So glad you are having such success feeding a combo. My dogs LOVE eating raw and I feel so good feeding it to them!

Mary said...

I just started doing more or less the same thing. So far it's been chicken backs, turkey necks, and canned mackerel, with a little bit of kibble every night. I was doing a veggie mix, too, but I ran out and haven't made it out to the grocery store yet. It's only been a week and a half, but I have seen the same results as you. No gas and very little stool (as opposed to the goopy mess multiple times a day that we were used to). Also, there is something incredibly satisfying about the sound of a dog jumpting on meaty bones. :)

Lacey said...

I didn't respond earler, but we love the Honest Kitchen.