Monday, October 5, 2009

Bonnie Reports on Nationals

Our mom has been trying to figure out some clever way to share the pictures she took at nationals, but her menopause challenged brain is failing her.

That leaves me, Bonnie to tell you about it.

Every morning when the sun came up we met mom's friends Vicki and Patricia in the oat field next to the motel for fun and games.

This was our favorite part

Vicki brought Skye & Blitz. They both made Vicki sigh a bunch when they would jump in the muddy irrigation canal and get all dirty. She said they "STUNK" but I thought Blitz looked very masculine and handsome. Working dogs are 'sposed to be dirty.

Doodle brought her shadow Brandy.

And of course Zoe came along too.

Patricia had her dogs too. Jen and Tessa (who ran in Nursery)

And my buddy Patch.

Patch looks a lot like Skye. They both have blue eyes.

Brynn had to drag her leash around with her.

Mom said Brynn's recall wasn't the best because she didn't want to stop playing when it was time to leave. Her ears kept turning inside out too.

I was good

I only bit Beth once and ripped open her laceration just a tiny bit. Which made mom mad. But I didn't care.

Beth didn't seem to care either.

We loved our mornings and evenings in the oat field. Because the daytime kinda sucked.

Mom and Dad spent 4 days watching dogs, people and sheep.

This is Scott Glen shedding in the semi finals. Wow, he looks intense huh? Scott & Don are the 2009 Nursery Champions. I get to meet Scott on the 16th for my lesson with him. Beth and Brynn have time scheduled with him too.

I could see a little bit through the chairs.

I didn't understand why I couldn't go out there too.

We could see the pen and the shedding ring real good.

I think this is Alasdair MacRae. He won you know. He got second too.

Lots of people clapped when he got done.

Vicki came and sat with us in the tent to get out of the sun. She brought Doodle with her. Doodle relaxed.

Doodle got bored watching too, so we found our own form of entertainment.

We were protecting our people from the dreaded hole monster.

We could hear it and see it moving

It is there, I tell you!

Hole watching is tiring business.

Lots of people ran lots of dogs.

Mom took a bunch of pictures. But can't remember all their names. Edited: This is Maggie McClure from WA (Thanks Jenny)

We also think this is Jennifer Clark-Ewers (is this correct?)

My mom can't remember who this is for sure. Maybe someone reading can tell us? (Corrected to add: Ian Zoerb and Peg, Thank you Kristi & Jenny)

Gosh it was exhausting.

We are so happy to be home now.

Mom has lots more pictures to edit but she will eventually get them all uploaded to our Flickr page.

BCxFOUR Flickr Page


Kristi said...

"My mom can't remember who this is for sure. Maybe someone reading can tell us?"

That would be Ian Zoerb and Peg.

Jenny Glen said...

Yes Bonnie, the cowboy hat is Ian and Peg (last year's national champions) and the picture that you said is Haley is actually Maggie McClure I believe, from Washington.
- Skid
(who thought the nationals were very boring too since he spent the whole time in the camper)

BCxFour said...

Thank you Kristi and Jenny. I have edited the post to correctly reflect the names. :-)

Lynn said...

I guess Ranger stayed home?

Emma Rose said...

Nice pictures Bonnie! Looks like you had a great time in that field. SO MANY DOGS!!!
We have a "hole monster" at our house too. The Duchess thinks that is where the snakes live. :)

Emma Rose

sheepkelpie said...

Great shots!!!! I LOVE that pic of Patch- that is calendar material!

Lean said...

Lovely pictures ans a great dog story.Looks like a big doggy party to me.....WOOOFFFF!!!

Kristi said...

In Jenny's defense, Skid came out a couple of times to stare sadly at a gopher hole. It is somewhat disingenuous for him to characterize his nationals as "spending the whole time in the camper".

- Lou
(who spent most of the time sleeping in the handler's tent)

BCxFour said...

Lynn - Yep, Ranger stayed home with the teenagers. Someone had to keep the house from burning down. He was spoiled rotten by Amy.

An English Shepherd said...

Thanks Bonnie,

Great pictures

Wizz :-)

Sarah said...

ha great post ... Bonnie :)

Pat A said...

Bonnie, what a good job you did explaining what was going on. You deserve and ice cream cone.
Auntie Pat