Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Springtime Teaser

Today the chill was replaced with warm temperatures, clear blue sky and a spring in our steps. After a morning of lazing about on the patio absorbing the rays of sun it was time for a romp at the river!

Typical Ranger fashion, he ran straight for the water!

Happy cheerfully followed him and promptly laid down. Bonnie said it figured...sloppy boys.

The girls, Beth and Bonnie, were smarter than the the stupid boys and opted out of taking a dip in the icy water.

Time for some ball throwing Ma - we have been, like, waiting, like. FOREVER!

Look at that - Happy is RUNNING!

Come on, old lady, throw it AGAIN!

Uh oh...the Freckled Monster strikes again.

And again...

Ranger said Bonnie is scary

Finally Scary Bonnie was playing nicely...(that is only because off camera Beth kicked her butt and told her to knock it off).

It was time for a little Boy/Girl competition. They were judged on time, technical merit & artistic impression.

First Up: Beth and Bonnie. They nailed it! Technically it was spot-on perfect! Blinding fast fetch, followed by a rapid pick up and blazing fast return. Clean and accurate. However lacking a smidgen in artistic impression.

Ranger and Happy made up for their lack of technical skills and speed by their obvious love of the game. Ranger landed this amazing skid to catch the ball on an unpredictable bounce - saving it from the river. Happy lent a wonderful assist.

It was time for the Boy/Girl RUN OFF! Who was going to win?

OH MY DOG! It is an UPSET! Happy snuck right in there with slick sleeper move and snatched the ball right after it bounced off Beth's head!

WOW - Happy really can move! That is some serious air for a rotund border collie eh?

Happy whipped some serious moves out of his toolbox today. Lots of collie creeping...

Lots of eye....

Today was a good day. Happy was pooped, but .... Ahhh so ...happy.


sheepkelpie said...

MY GOD Happy is gorgeous!!!
I LOVE that you can see actual ground!!! I hope that's coming our way!!!!!!
I love your pics. You do a great job.

Sarah said...

happy is so cute!!!

wow i wish my guys could go to the river, still a few weeks to go here - still half frozen!!! i'm so jealous!

Raising Addie said...

OMD... these pictures must have been sooo much fun to take!

And that picture of Happy is amazing!!!

I wish Addie and Lucie would bring the ball back. I believe the Great Pyrenees in them prevents that. BOL.

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie & Lucie

papillon said...

wow, those dogs are all so goregous