Saturday, February 28, 2009

Portrait Fail

I wish I knew how to use all the fancy-schmancy controls on my camera. Thankfully the camera comes with a few idiot proof settings or I would be doomed - but I still can't seem to get the settings correct for taking pictures inside.

The dogs are beginning to hate the snowy & rainy days. This week was pretty dreary and Crazy Lady decided to torture them with the camera. Normally when the camera comes out, Beth hides behind the couch, Ranger puffs up like a parrot and Bonnie only has eyes for the string cheese I bribe them with.

Beth didn't bolt from the room like she did during the Border Collie Fashion Show. However she still managed to look like she was being tortured. I think the lure of string cheese overwhelmed her disdain for the camera.

This is the "We Are Abused" Family Portrait Series

I love this one - Ranger looks so... debonair. I could almost see him wearing as smoking jacket posing in a library. Bonnie looks hungry for the cheese I had in my hand.

Bonnie's pretty 'feed me more cheese' pose.

We were getting a little better with this shot (but the lighting still bites). Bonnie looks happy, Ranger is stuck in his Mr Serious pose, and Beth, is ...uhh..well, being Beth.

This one is my favorite - I just wish the lighting was better (or I knew what I was doing).

Next time I think I need to break out some nice Spring Fashions for the dogs to model. How about EASTER HATS!

For that I will have to whip out the beef jerkey & peel Beth off the ceiling.


Andrea said...

Great photos!! I saw so many poses where I could have been looking at Sophie! lol!! Wonderful shots of the dogs. :)

Raising Addie said...

Wonderful pix!

I LOVE the picture of Bonnie in her happy pose!

And I also love the last one that is your favorite. I hope you frame that one.

Lighting is always my biggest problem with pictures. I really need to take a class on it.

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie

Mason Dixie said...

Those are some great shots, those 3 sure do have a unique look. =)

Darci said...

I loves me some Ranger pics!
Granted, the girls are lovely, but Ranger, now he just looks like he is a lot of fun!

Suzuki said...

PAWSOME PHOTOS! You are all furry photogenic :)
Big licks to you

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Great photos indeed !

sheepkelpie said...

I like that last one too!

Laura Carson said...

lol! Love them. I have lots of group portraits with June looking on the verge of bolting, or in mid bolt... and with Nick's most private part hanging out in the air for all to see. I admire anyone who can get more than one dog to cooperate for a portrait!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Woooo, great photos....we particularly love the "we are abused" series, BOL! Your dogs are so photogenic, lovely!
Slobbers xx

Sarah said...

those are all GREAT! i love their expressions, from amused to NOT amused!!! too cute!

Blaze The Border Collie said...

Wow! Ranger looks so much like my border collie's brother! It's uncanny.


Bordershot said...

Great pictures!
Very wonderful dogs.