Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ranger Goes Swimming

Hiya, it is Ranger 'member me? I am that Black and White Border Collie that lives with the Crazy Lady?

Today the weather was real pretty and WARM! So the Crazy Lady said "Wow, it is almost 60 degrees! Lets go to the river!".

When we first got there my sister Bonnie started barking like a freak at this little kid. So Crazy Lady took us down to the sand bar on the water to keep away from the people walking on the levee.

We shouldn't have gone with her, because Crazy Lady turned sadistic.

At first we had fun throwing the ball on the sand.

Sometimes it bounced in the water. That was okay cuz I like water.

Water is fun to shake off too, cuz we got Crazy Lady's camera wet. HA HA!

We kept begging her to throw the ball!

She wasn't throwing it fast enough

Then she accidentally threw the ball in the deep water. I dove in the water to get the ball back, cuz I am a good boy. Bonnie swam after me but she wimped out...what a loser.

Crazy Lady is stupid. She said I was a "GOOD BOY" then threw the ball in there AGAIN! What is wrong with this woman? Did I mention the water is COLD? It is fed by a glacier for doG's sake!

She threw the ball in there over and over again and I HAD to swim out and get it.

Bonnie kept following me and tried to bite my ears when I was swimming too.

She is like a bad cold, I cant shake off!

She made me drop the ball too!

Next time she does that I am gonna dunk the brat. Bonnie just laughs at me and runs away. She sucks...

Bonnie was REALLY annoying

After a while I couldn't feel my poor cold toes. If I would have had all of my 'boy parts' they would have been blue too! Speaking of cold, I have one now thanks to the cold water - gosh I hope Crazy Lady feels guilty. I think I am going to sneeze on her pillow tonight. HA!

I don't know what is wrong with Beth. She doesn't seem to feel cold.

When that ball is out - she is like, you know, INSANE!

Crazy Lady took us home and got us all cleaned up. We are are all tuckered out now, but I am still cold. I think I will be cold forever.

Evil Crazy Lady should go lay her butt in that river and see how it feels. Next time I am gonna push her in. HA HA!


The FOUR Musketeers said...

Oh man ! Swimming is simply our favourite !
You guys look so sporty ! Why not join our sporty looking dog contest ! :D
HEhe , send us you rphotos before 1 March (:


Bordershot said...

Wonderful pictures. Your dogs are great. It seems it was a funny day ;o)

Sarah said...

stop it with the water photos! geese you are making me sooooooo jealous! our water is STILLLLLL mostly frozen!!!

great photos!

Who is Marley? said...

That looked like so much fun! Marley, also thinks its more fun to chase the dog chasing the ball.

Versailles Rose said...

Pepper is jealous! She just has a muddy back yard to splash in.

Fantastic photos! Love them!

Fenway said...

Ha...and they say border collies don't care for the water or want to swim! Ha!

You did good, Ranger. Like a marine, you did not leave your ball behind. Over and over you retrieved it. Good Ranger with the soul of a US Marine.

PS: Why are the women who live with border collies known for being crazy? Just wonderin'....I've got one, too.