Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost Sheep

Today we lost our sheep. The little buggers found the hole in the fence near the gate and escaped to the big field. I could hear them laughing at us as they ran away. Wooley idiots.

We started out our lesson with Chris with six lambs. Three disappeared at the beginning of the lesson (jumped the creek). We didn't have time to get more separated from the larger flock. So we worked with the three that were left.

When Chris left us to work on our own we did pretty good. But we just didn't seem to be clicking. Beth was off her game and I seemed to have forgotten how to walk. It went down hill after I fell arse over teakettle in the mud.

After a quick bathroom break in the barn we went back out - and the stinking lambs were up against the gate again - trying to get through to the larger flock. Beth very carefully lifted them out to the center of the field. But they kept heading back. It was fascinating to watch her work through this in her mind. These lambs were really challenging her. Facing her, stomping their feet. One of the braver lambs charged at her several times. She held her ground and very slowly and firmly put pressure on them. She was using her noggin. Then when things just got a wee bit complicated the darn stupid lambs found the hole next to the gate and whooosh....they were gone.

Beth shot through the same gap and tried to get ahead of them in the field before they got to the larger flock. I bellowed "lie down" I could see her sigh, then she gave me a guilty look. I patted my leg and said "that'll do" & gave her some lovin' .

Then we walked the path of shame out of the field.

Tomorrow morning we have another lesson with Chris. Sunday we have a lesson with Karen Child. Perhaps by the time Monday morning rolls around we might actually have our act together.

Anything is an improvement over today...


Raising Addie said...

Awww... tomorrow will be a better day. And by Monday we know you all will be back on track.

Our mom is a real klutz, always tripping over something even if there is nothing to trip over. Tell your mom not to feel so bad. It happens to the best of us.

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie

Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Hey I have a good friend that has a couple BCs from us and lives up in Washington. She trains at Chris' and takes lessons from Karen, monthly. She just had hers today. If you want someone to work with let me know as Lori is looking for someone to share sheep time with at Fidos.

BCxFour said...

Oh my goodness ...I wonder if I saw her today. I would LOVE to have someone to share with... That would be great!!!

I will send you an email toot-sweet!


sheepkelpie said...

Actually to me, it sounds like a rather good day. Dealing with errant lambs, and having your dog use her head- you can't set that up. Good Beth, good dog.

An English Shepherd said...

Yes I am sure next tme it will be great :-)

Bordershot said...

Ohhhh...sometimes shit happens...
Tomorrow is future, a new day.
Yesterday is past.
Hope you all right.
Greatings from Germany