Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap, Gangsta-Lamb & Alyssa at the Farm

I have obviously taken a huge blogging break.  So very much has transpired this year and it was simpler to post to Facebook than blogger.  My New Year's resolution is to get back to blogging and lay off FB.  Something that many of my FB friends will appreciate.  My mobile upload album has over 3500 pictures, to give you an idea of how much I post.  It is a wee bit ridiculous, I suppose.

Our year in a snapshot (what I can actually remember).

Jan - preparing for lambing.  Bliss, my new puppy came home to live.  Bliss's mother is a sister to my Bea (Bett x Riggs).  Her sire Zorro is related to my Brynn.  She completed our dog family. 

Feb - April was lambing.  Oodles of new lambs took over my life. 

March 21, 2013 Stewie was born.  My heart was hijacked by a little lamb who came home and lived in my house the first six weeks of his life, wearing a diaper and sleeping in a dog crate next to my bed.  Stewie was a bit of a miracle, saved by a jugular cath & lots of people who contributed medical skills & love to get him over the hump.  In doing so, we learned a tremendous amount, he evolved into a huge personality and has shared joy with me & many others daily since.

May-June - farm chores, mowing pastures, moving sheep and caring for the family pretty much occupied my days.  We lost one of my favorite ewe's to the damn cougar, Baby, the natural colored Rambouillet ewe, her lamb was six weeks old.  Bunny, what I named the lamb, came home to the house and stayed with Stewie for a while before we moved them together to the barn.  Later in June yet another ewe was killed by a cougar. 

July - Gabriel our Livestock Guardian Dog came to live on the farm.  What was left of my heart was thus taken over.  But the heart has a way of growing & expanding to accommodate.  Since Gabriel has arrived we have not lost a single sheep. 

August - I cannot remember, other than hours upon hours on the tractor, going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Sept - Ranger and Bonnie went to live with John's ex wife, Melody and his kids Evan & Grace.  It was the best decision we could make for them.  Bonnie and Beth continued to try and kill each other.  Ranger was often left home alone, or with Bonnie while we spent our days at the farm.  This way we can see them frequently.  Bonnie has claimed Melody, as her very own person.  Ranger has the kids & Melody.  They sleep on their beds, spend their days on the couch and being part of the family.  It was very hard to give them up, but everyone's lives are richer for it. 

Sept - Oct - Joanna and her daughter Isabella came to live with us while she saved money for her own place.  They were a welcome addition to our family and we have adopted them into our crazy family - they have been assimilated.   Rams went in with the ewes, sheep needed to be moved from pasture to pasture. 

Nov - Dec -  My days were filled with making my sheep sculptures, filling orders, meeting inventory orders for the local store & getting ready for the holidays.

Now that the Holidays are essentially over, I will relish the few weeks of relaxation before shearing Feb 8th lambing begins Feb 15th,  and then building up inventory for Shepherds Extravaganza in April.  Whew, it will begin again...
Moving to present day:  I took my grand daughter along with me to the farm today.  My daughter had to take my son to the doctor - so Gramma had baby duty.  It is such a chore, you know... *insert wink wink wink here*  

She was styling in her boots and coat.   Gramma needs to buy her a pair of muck boots & barn coat, but this will suffice for now.  She was geared up and ready to help Gramma with chores. 

First up, Alyssa said hello to Stewie.  Stewie has not seen Alyssa for a few months.  She was his favorite playmate when he lived in our house.  She was happy to see him.  Deep in my heart I believe Stewie was happy to see her too....

We began with sniffs.  And some affectionate head rubbing.  

Alyssa would move away, and he would follow, playfully rubbing his head against her. 

Then his intentions became apparent:  Stewie had an adgenda that was not compatible with Alyssa remaining upright. 

The first playful 'head-butt" quickly transitioned into a outright rumble resulting in Alyssa going airborn, Gramma successfully caught her before she hit the dirt.  As he was backing up, to gain momentum for another head-butt aimed for her backside, Gramma met Stewie's chin with her boot.  Delivering a swift upper kick - rattling his noggin'. 

Was his choice for violence simply a manifestation jealousy?  Perhaps a good lamb gone bad, led astray by his life choices?  We may never know.  Stewie is, as Stewie does.

Gramma wisely put Alyssa into the farm wagon.  Which pleased Stewie & Gramma.  She was on his level where he could inspect everything and anything she did, yet she was safe from Gangsta-Lamb. 

(Gramma is not sure why she is writing in third person.) 

Next, with Alyssa in the wagon we separated all the sheep and loaded up with alfalfa for the troughs.  

Alyssa supervised delivery and placement, keeping me on task with her whip.  She shows spectacular accuracy with it.  Just sayin'....

These much kinder lambs, were curious and sweet to Alyssa.  They did not feel the need to teach her how to fly.  Gangsta-Lamb was other wise occupied while Alyssa was mobile, lest she meet the business end of his brow yet again.  He warily watched where my boots were and oddly enough it only took me saying "Dont you even think about it!" to him a couple times and he would turn away...with a depressed sulky expression. 

Alyssa enjoyed sneaking over to pat Ruth, the immobile elderly romney ewe on the butt. - then she would run back giggling.   

A game we coined Pat-Ruth & Run.  

Wrapping up the day, we fed Gabriel.  Because the neighbors were shooting off their guns (terrifies him), Gabriel left some of his food which Alyssa and Brynn generously shared with the chickens.  Alyssa mastered imitating the 'Daddy Kikken" which I listened to half the way home.  My ears are still ringing.  

Brynn stayed close to Alyssa, always on the look out for the advancement of Gangsta-Lamb.  

They both crashed on the way home, after Brynn ate a couple of her chicken nuggets. 

This was a wonderful way to wrap up the last day of 2013.  Dogs, sheep, my darling grand daughter & friends.  Who could ask for more?  


Donna Marsh said...

Ah, welcome back to blogging. I'm joining you in the less Facebook in the coming year. Funny how it sneaks up on you and steals so much if your time. Looking forward to future blog posts.

Donna Marsh said...

Ah, welcome back to blogging. I'm joining you in the less Facebook in the coming year. Funny how it sneaks up on you and steals so much if your time. Looking forward to future blog posts.

Karen said...

Great to see a post from you. Welcome back!

manymuddypaws said...

welcome back. while I loved your facebook posts- stewie and all!!! I am glad you are back to blogging.

Unknown said...

Welcome back, we missed you:)