Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Baa'aaa'ck!

It has been so long since I last wrote a post I almost forgot how to log in.

Has it really been since September?  So much has happened since then.  The rams were put in with the ewes for breeding, we are expecting the spring crop of lambs to start popping out mid March.  We are helping the McBrides, across the street with their sheep and their first lamb arrived today. 

A very large & healthy ewe lamb.  I was relieved it was a ewe lamb, because I doubt very much that Brenda will ever part with this lamb.

We have all survived the past 6 months intact.  Although, just barely. 

My adult daughter moved home with her 2 y/o daughter Alyssa so she could attend college without the worry and stress of working full time.  Then my youngest son moved back home and he is also enrolled in college full time.  My middle son with schizophrenia went missing for a while, was homeless on the streets, then popped up in a local hospital close to death in the ICU.  After a scary couple of weeks we have him in an appropriate facility and things are looking up. 

Needless to say, after 8 years with out a cigarette...I started smoking again.  Does that give you an indication of how stressful the last few months have been?  To be outside in freezing temperatures just to have a nicotine fix is NOT pleasant, combined with what I am doing to my health?  NOT GOOD. 

Obviously, I am trying to quit...right after my next cigarette. Or heart attack, which ever comes first. 

I sat down and thought about the things in my life that have helped me with stress, one has been this blog.  I am not sure why I stopped blogging.  Perhaps it was resentment?  Pressuring myself, feeling obligated to come up with the next great post and the hours I spent on photography was becoming tedious.

That said, I need something to help me keep track of things.  Accomplishments, goals, hopes & dreams.  Even the occasional screw up. Let's face it, I am old, hence blood flow is lacking to my brain.  My memory is shot to hell thanks to menopause (and now smoking - hack hack ACK).  I need this blog to keep track of my life, because one day I am going to forget everything. 

Who am I? 

Where was I?

MOVING ON.....I may need to change the name of this blog, again.

We have a new addition.

This puppy I can blame entirely on Dianne Deal.  She twisted my arm.

Ironically the day before I had been talking to my therapist about following my bliss.  Keeping my eye on the goal and focused on what will make me happy, what gives me peace and what is my "Bliss".  That afternoon I posted this sign on Facebook - it spoke to me.

I have been following my bliss, with out really thinking about it.  It is what led me to where I am today, at the farm, with the sheep, my dogs and friends that surround me.  My life has fundamentally changed for the better - by following my bliss.   

The next morning, Dianne emailed me a picture of an adorable little puppy she named Bliss.  She had not seen my post on Facebook or had any idea what I had been working on in therapy.

That my friends, is what I like to call a divine co-inky-dink and it spoke to me - directly to my heart, beyond all rational thought, I no longer could be held responsible for my actions.

At least that is what I tell my husband.  I do not think he subscribes to my conspicuous thought process - skeptical is his middle name.  Alas, he was won over....I think.  He may just be laying in wait to claim his due at a later date.  I tell him that there is a special place in heaven for men like him.  With golden fishing poles, silver rivers full of fish, and no wives with dogs, and sheep - that keep multiplying.  Then I hand him a beer and turn on the football game.  He is happy.

I digress...   

Meet Bliss a 12 week old border collie puppy.  The easiest puppy ever.  I have never had a puppy that will go noodle limp when I pick her up.  She just melts into you, snuggles right up to your neck and sighs.  With all that she is still a very confident little sprite.  This one will be FUN!  

Bliss is related to Bea.  Her mother, Penny (Bett x Riggs) is Bea's full sister from a previous litter. 

Her father is Dianne Deal's Zorro (Byrnes Ted x Lynn).  He is related to Brynn.

Bliss will be a smooth coat, which I love.  Now that I have dogs that work outside every day & sleep in the house at night - I will never go back to a long/traditional coat ever again. 

Her temperment speaks to my heart.  She reminds me of Brynn as a puppy.

Speaking of Brynn - we are slowly but surely making progress.  You wouldn't know it by our trial scores - but I am figuring lots of stuff out, you know the whole two steps forward and three back routine.   Hopefully, one day before I die I can actually walk off the field feeling pretty damn good. 

Bea went back to Dianne's for training in December.  I will be seeing her next weekend when we go to Idaho for El Presidente SDT. 

The sheep are due to start lambing mid march.  We decided that lambing in the snow was NOT FUN and did not want to repeat last year's insanity.  We have two groups of ewes that were bred.  I have narrowed down my breeding objectives and have goals in mind for the flock.  I am concentrating on my registered romney's and border leicesters.  Been doing pretty good selling bred ewes already this fall.  All the customers are very happy with them and the prices have been better than expected.  Word of mouth seems to be the way to go.  I had to pull my ad off of Craigslist because I was going to have to start selling the ewes I wanted to keep.  

Doris is our very intelligent, yet near sighted ewe on our farm.  Glasses seem to help.  We need to work on the fit though. 

I love sheep.  Is that evident yet?

They may or may not be fond of me.  The other day I was walking to the back of the property, I turned around and all of this was behind me.

It could either make me feel loved or they just see me as the source to primo food.  I prefer to think it is the latter.  Love through the tummy.  It is the way I roll.

Doris rolls with about anything I do to her.  She is a slave to the scritches.

Sheep noses are so velvety soft and sweet. 

Speaking of sheep....

Back in November I started making these sheep statues from epoxy resin/clay, reclaimed wood and fleece from our sheep and the Jonasson Border Leicester farm.  All the ones you see in the picture below have been sold.  I am working on more and will be bringing many with me to Idaho for the trial and the rest will be posted on my Etsy shop. 

You can find them on Etsy at Bless Ewe Sheep Company

Enough yammering for tonight.

See ya :)


julie said...

Great to see you back, was actually starting to get worried!
Oh my god, I'm totally in love with your statues, they're absolutely marvellous. o.O I can't afford them now but I truly hope to order one later. That is, if you are prepared to ship to Belgium?

Diana said...

Im glad you are back. Life sounds rough esp with what happened to your son. I cant even imagine how you delt with that.
Very cute puppy!. I love the sheep statues!!

Ferreh Hiatt said...

So glad you're back... and you posting spurs me on to think about posting. I know what you mean about the pressures, but really, we are all very happy with iPhone pictures... don't spend all day editing photos for us!

Karen said...

And those little sheep are amazing:)

Donna Marsh said...

Ah, welcome back and thanks for coming back. I LOVE your blog. I've checked in frequently hoping to find a new post. I kept up a bit on Facebook with you but now that I'm taking a break from facebook I had lost contact. Looking forward to reading about your further adventures--whenever it will be helpful to you to post : )

Margaret said...

welcome back !! Your pics and blog have been sorely missed
Congrats on the new pup.. your sheep statures are gorgeous !!

Ryker said...

Big welcome back!
I am glad you found your Bliss, she is adorable ;)
You are the pied piper of farm animals! Love your sheep and am on my way to your etsy shop to check it out!

Maggie said...

Welcome Back! I thought I was hallucinating when I checked and saw the page had changed :)

Sometimes life gets in the way and we have to switch gears to deal with it.

Btw, I had suggested Bliss in your naming contest for Bea, so what a coinkydink for me too :)

Anonymous said...

some times it is just being too busy. I have not posted on my blog for ages. Relax, have fun with your fur babes and take some time just to enjoy life.

Knotty Dogs said...

Those sheep you made are adorable!

Lynette said...

Welcome back! It's good to "hear" your voice again. I'm so sorry that things went so south with your son, but it sounds like they may be back on track for now, and that's certainly a blessing.

That Bliss is a darling girl! Those darned puppies are just so cute!

I love your sheep art! What a great idea. It's wonderful that you've found time to be creative with your hands as well as your camera and keyboard. I'll look forward to taking a look at your Etsy shop.

Unknown said...

Awwwww Bliss is GORGEOUS!! I would love a collie have neither the time or the space. She is beautiful though.

Congrats on the lambs, they're looking very healthy :)

Glad to see you posting again. speak again soon x

Versailles Rose said...

Like everyone else, I'm happy to see you again.

The puppy is darling, I love the story of how she came into your life.

The homemade sheep are very cute!

(((hugs))) to you and yours.

Ruth said...

BCxFour... though not any more?

Adorable Bliss is adorable.

Nice to see you back. :)

Losech said...

Those chickens look awesome. I love their colors.

Kat said...

First time on this blog and I loved your last post, and can relate to you in so many ways! Except the smoking, haha... Definitely going to read up on this blog, and I sure love your statues, they're gorgeous! Oh, and very lovely pics of all your animals ;-)
Keep posting, please :-)

Kat said...

First time on this blog and I loved your last post, and can relate to you in so many ways! Except the smoking, haha... Definitely going to read up on this blog, and I sure love your statues, they're gorgeous! Oh, and very lovely pics of all your animals ;-)
Keep posting, please :-)