Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stewie Crack

He saw the bag the moment I got out of the car. As I walked to the gate you would think a bomb went off in his butt - propelling him forward at rocket speed - screaming M'aaaaaaaaaaaaa-kettlecorn-aaaaaaaaa! The whole way.

Stewie Crack. 

He nibbles, gnaws, licks, desperate to get his fix.! 

Utterly beside himself, he is shaking in anticipation. Finally he has his fix. 

Sublime caramel kettle corn crunching and melting, soothing the desperate symptoms. Sugar coursing through his veins. 

Sadly, Gabriel has also succumbed to the heady lure that is Caramel Kettle Corn. 

No hope for him either...

Gabriel is so desperate for a fix he snatches the pieces that fall off the ground. 

Sated. They both move onto other interests. 

Stewie to his ever faithful standby, Alfalfa and his BFF Matilda. 

Gabriel to cleaning off lamb butts. 

Someone's gotta do it. 

Charmin's got nuttin' on Gabriel for leaving a clean behind. 

Relaxing end to another good day. 

Bless Ewe :) 


Ryker said...

Ahhh, thanks for the dose or idealic farm life! Happy New Year!

Casey said...

From one kettle korn junkie to another thanks so much for the pix and post. And I also know what you mean about FB, we've been cutting back too.