Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sadie Sue & Kennel Cough Too....

We arent going to the trial.  I had to pull Brynn. 

I am surrounded by contagious sick dogs.  All hurkin' coughin' and gaggin'.  Kennel cough has struck.  In all conscience I cannot take them to the trial, risk exposing others, certainly cannot expect Brynn to work with reduced lung capacity.  

My dogs are all current on their vaccinations.  Even if you have a current Bordetella vaccine it may not prevent an infection. 

Last week I took in a foster dog.  She was only at our house for a few days.   Unfortunately she generously shared a nasty strain of kennel cough with all she met.  

Our little 'Typhoid Mary' goes by the name Sadie

Sadie is 10 months old.  She came from Oregon via a friend with a goat grazing business.  She did not care for goats & they wanted to find her a good home, so I offered.  

The very day she arrived, our friends across the street from our sheep saw her on FaceBook and fell in love. 

These are the people we have lured into the world of sheep.  I am telling you, it is more contagious than kennel cough.  They are buying sheep this fall, a foundation flock of purebred Romney ewes.  Since we are going to be heading in the direction of purebred romney breeding stock we will be complimenting each other's operations nicely.  Brenda & Jim also have the barn we will be lambing in next year. 

Because they will have sheep & watched us through their front window over the year they have come to appreciate the value of a good dog.  

Their ride on the slippery slope has begun...I warned them.  It is a rapid descent into this addictive life. 

The first moment Sadie saw Brenda, it was kismet.   A mutual admiration society. She flew across the pasture the second Brenda came through the gate (their house is the blue one behind, like I said, right across the street.)

Brenda fell in love with Sadie and vice versa.  

Love at first sight.  

Now Brenda's husband has fallen for the lure of the border collie.  He is taking lessons with me and I will be helping him train Sadie so she can help them on their farm.  

Maybe one day he will take her to a trial!  

What a fun ride they are starting. 

 Sadie the first time on sheep. 

Until my girls are feeling better they are off training and no more sheep work than is absolutely necessary for the minimum of care.  

I feel like I am going through withdrawal.  Seriously, I may explode.  

I am addicted to the work.  The smell of the grass, trees, & woods.

 The slow gentle movement of the sheep, calms my obsessive brain. 

Focusing on the work, moving the sheep, retreating into my 'sheep zen' is soothing, peaceful.  

Seeing the lush vegetation, watching the birds, frogs, feeling the breeze or soft rain on my face instead of the hum of a computer, rush of a city, scent of exhaust is catharsis to my soul.  

The dogs better get over the kennel cough soon, or I am liable to start using John to move the sheep.  

That would be unpleasant.  He is loose eyed, the sheep do not respect him and his flanks totally suck.  The last time I blew my whistle at him he threatened to wrap the lanyard around my neck and squeeze.  I simply cannot work under those conditions. 

I told him if he would just listen, then I wouldn't have to correct him.  Sadly, he has this thing about taking pressure, if you apply to much he just quits and leaves the field. 

But...well, you know. MEN!  You gotta love em, or....


Paws on the Run said...

Yay for Sadie. Isn't it great when things happen so fast? We always tell clients the Bordetella vaccine is like the flu vaccine - it will stop some, but not all strains. Hope they are all feeling better soon!

Kathy said...

LOL, we sure got a good chuckle out of your description of trying to get John to move the sheep for you.

So glad that things worked out so well for Sadie.

Now this is just for my curiosity. Why did you decide to go with a flock of Romney sheep?? Just wondering as we are trying to decide what kind of sheep we want to have. Thanks.

Lynette said...

I'm sorry, I know it's miserable, but your clip cracked me up. I hope this doesn't end up being a bad strain, and everyone is up and running even as I write!

Catching up on my reading, congrats on your weight loss. Being busy is so much better than eating, isn't it?!! The more you lose, the better you feel, and the more you want to do. It's one of the lovely viscious cycles! It's so great you've found something you love to do that has a great side benefit as well.

Great news for Sadie! It's so wonderful that she found her person so quickly. I love it when a plan comes together!

Versailles Rose said...

We had an experience with kennel cough. Our late Pepper was always up on vacs, but she got a very bad case of kennel cough that turned into pneumonia.

I will always remember those two weeks from hell. Ugh.