Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Bye Mud

Mud is been the bane of my existence.  Living in the Pacific Northwest we are plagued by mud, on top of mud, below mud, mud in your pants, boots and underwear.  Mud that will suck the boots right off your feet.  Stinking, rotting, f__king mud. 

Is it obvious, there is not much in this world that I hate more than mud.  
Except for foot rot. 

We do not have foot rot in our flock and I want to keep it that way.  One way to achieve healthy feet, prevent the spread of foot rot or scald, is to provide a dry surface for your sheep along with regular foot care.  If you cannot provide dry, you can at least try and create a well drained area, free of mud.  

My mission:  Get rid of, or at least control the freaking mud which harbors bacteria, and organisms promoting the spread of disease. 

1st step:  Use tractor to grade and excavate the pen to facilitate water flow and eliminate areas where water pools (did not take pictures of that process).  

2nd step:  Big ass truck with 40 yards full of hog fuel freshly processed for my sheep. Pray that big ass truck does not sink in the soft ground.  

Whoops, tree casualty.  Oh well those branches needed to come down anyway.  

This driver was brilliant.  He got that massive truck through the 10 foot farm gate to the right in this picture.  6 inches to spare.  

I love dump trucks.  When I was little, all my friends were playing with dolls.  I had plastic horses, dirt, rocks and card board boxes.  I dreamed of playing with a tractor and dump truck.  At last, my dream is realized, it completes me.  

3rd step:  Finish prepping the pen, haul manure down to compost pile.  I am a queen of multi tasking.  All mother's are.  We have it down.  

This next photo reflects my brilliant multi-tasking talents.  

I am able to drive a tractor, maneuver between the new fence posts, use my phone to take these glorious pictures, and move sheep all at the same time.  NOTE:  I did NOT text and drive.  

 Nosey lambs.  (bark needs to go all the way down that alley too.)

Aaaagh, they are following me! 

Really Missy Lamb, you MUST choose this moment to climb the pile that has been there all day?  

Hello....ever thought about going around the pile?  Must you go over?

Oh no, the big orange tractor is gonna EAT YOU! 

Hurry hurry hurry!


The black lamb asks "Is it gone?  Can I climb the pile now?"

Where did the rest of the pile go? 

There it is!  

Tomorrow, truck load #2.  Finish spreading the bark 6-8 inches thick.  12 inches in heavy traffic areas...all the way down the alley.  

Good bye mud, for now.  

Next up, dragging & reseeding areas of the pastures.   Moving yet another fence-line.  Setting up strip grazing fences and weaning. 

Am I a farmer yet?  

Whatever I am ... I am damn tired and really need a shower.  

"Listen Camera Face, you smell like nasty sheep farts.  Put us out of our misery and take a bath. Okay?  Thanks."

This from a dog that eats sheep sh*t.  Really?  


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