Saturday, February 18, 2012


I know I promised to write an update about our trip to Idaho soon.  I have failed at that task. 

It seems whenever I promise to do something I drag my feet and do everything BUT what I am supposed to do. 

When my kids did this I called it ADHD or Oppositional Defiance. 

With me it is called 'Distracted'.  I hesitate to say 'Lazy' because that is a negative handle I refuse to identify with. 

Truth is, I am addicted to "Words with Friends" and my Kindle. 

It is a slippery slope and I blame Jaenne' completely.  She convinced me to get a Kindle, then had the temerity to show me how to play this horrible game when I was staying at her place in Idaho.  Since we have been home I have not touched my camera once.  I sit down to process pictures and suddenly become overwhelmed with words popping into my head & adding up points (double word, triple word, triple letter...ACK!).  It is like a troupe of busy body old biddies whispering in my ear, and I am powerless to make them stop.  

I remember when I went through my Farmville phase, which lasted about 4 weeks.  I have not played it since.  The hours I wasted on that damn game never to get back.  The same thing is happening again, dagnabbit. 

I could blame the damn rain along with Jaenne'.  The rain, wind, and typical ugly northwest weather.  Sure, it is an easy scapegoat. 

Truth is I am weak.  Even as write this I find myself counting up the value of each word.  Pathetic really.  "Words With Friends" leads to a dark scary place. 

It is on my phone, my kindle, my day soon I expect it will be on our toilet paper. 

Perhaps that is a bit far, but never know. 

Just because you read my drivel and were expecting an update about Bea, here is a picture.   Bea stayed behind at Dianne's where she will continue in training.  As Dianne says "Bea's window of learning is open wide".  Meaning she will be staying as long as her learning is progressing - and I am okay with that. 

I still miss my Beatle Bea (B=4, E=1, A=1) Bea = if I can find a Triple Word tile to put it on then it will be worth 18 and if I can smash it up against another word and make even more words the potential is more than I can comprehend.

HELP ME!  (H=3, E=1, L=2, P=4)


Hi, my name is Carolynn and I am a 'Words with Friends' Addict. 

Addict is worth 11 points and if I can put it on a triple word tile then that is 33 pts.  YES! 


Jaenne' said...

OMG, you did not just blame ME for your WWF addiction! :-)

BCxFour said...

Yes I did. It IS your fault. Totally! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Did you know haha is an actual word? Yep 8 pts. Omg I can't stop!

BCxFour said...
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MurphyDog said...

omg, this post totally made Mom LOL

wags, wiggles & words-with-friends slobbers

Ferreh Hiatt said...

I was wasting so much time on WWF that I finally had to take the app off of my phone! It was a nasty withdrawl!

Lynn said...

Hmmmm. Have you tried Hanging with Friends yet? ;)
BTW, it's your turn! :)

BCxFour said...

I turned off my kindle this morning and won't be playing till much later. Busy getting ready for the imminent arrival of LAMBS!