Thursday, February 2, 2012

The KF-5 Litter

Three years ago today a special litter of border collies from working lines was born under a porch on a cattle ranch in Klamath Falls, OR.  The rancher later kept two of the pups for himself and negotiated with a local vet hospital to have the mother of the puppies spayed, with the agreement that he would give the remaining pups in the litter to rescue.  

It is not unusual to have ranchers allow their dogs to breed, pick out a couple of them to raise and train, then 'cull' the rest of the litter.  Thankfully that unhappy ending was averted in this case.  

At eight weeks of age the five remaining puppies were transported to their new foster home in Moses Lake.  

One of those puppies was Brynn.  Link to Brynn's original Adoption Listing 

A short time later I adopted the little monkey from an amazing foster home, she got sick, survived and well, you know the rest of the story.  


Brynn is a happy dog, like the rest of her litter she is thriving.  They are some of the lucky ones. 

Too many dogs are unwanted, cold, hungry and neglected.  Many do not know what it is like to play, or chase a ball.  For some all their energy goes into survival.

They do not know the kindness of a gentle touch.  The warmth of a hand on their head.  To look in a human's eyes and hear the words "good dog."

The feeling of a full stomach, and warm bed is unknown.  It might be a cold kennel, a wire cage, or a dirt bed beneath a tree.  

I thank doG in that I share my life with these amazing dogs.  All of my dogs (until Bea) were rescues, and I do not regret a moment.  Mikey, Elmo & Katie, who crossed the bridge, to Ranger, Beth, Bonnie & Brynn each one has brought happiness. They may not work like champions, but they certainly have won every award my heart could bestow.  


They bring me more joy and peace than I ever thought possible.  Maybe one could do the same for you and in turn you can share your home & heart. Check out your local rescue and see if you can't give a home to an unwanted animal today.  

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Karen said...

You and Brynn both lucked out and found each other:)
PNW BC rescue is great!