Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beth's Perspective

"This is my job.  I move these stupid sheep around.  Sometimes Camera Face blows whistles, occasionally shouts,  falls down a lot, and I have even seen her cry.

I don't like to make her sad which is why I try to be good.

Sheep are idiots and it pisses me off. 

They get together in their little groups and talk about the dogs.  They don't have anything better to do.  The bitches. 

This is what I think of you stupid sheep.  Take that! 

I work for Mr. Camera Face too.  I like to work for him.  He doesn't cry as much as Camera Face. 

Mr Camera Face is letting me teach him about working sheep and all this herding stuff.  At some point he will learn that it is pointless to move the sheep up and down a stupid fence line. 

I try to tell him what is he is saying is not what I WANT do to.  He doesn't listen. 

So I do what he asks, sorta.  

Even though I think it is pointless.  We go up, inside stupid flank, then come back, inside stupid freaking flank again - then back up.  Blech, I hate it.  

I try to look as miserable as I can.  Maybe he will get the message that this is dumb.  

He doesn't listen very well.  

A fun game I like to play is pretending to not know things I DO!  Like a simple little outrun to fetch back some sheep that decided to make a break for it.  The pressure of being good for 5 minutes was just too much.  I had to let off some steam. 

I am gonna get even with the wooly bitches now.  

This is what happens to smart mouth ewes who talk behind my back.  

Boooya!  Take THAT!! 

This time I heard Mr. Camera face say bad words.  Camera Face says the sheep are not supposed to go faster than a walk.  
I call BS on that objective.  Just sayin' it's crap.

I don't understand what the problem is.  Dogs need to floss their teeth too.  It is good for dental hygiene.  

I am sorry Mr. Camera Face.  I won't do it again (until tomorrow),  I promise."


zeeFM said...

gorgeous in action pics ! loving that ppbbftt tongue pic !

Shelly said...

Amazing, Beth sounded just like my Ringo....looking miserable when behaving and "blowing off steam" included! =)

Karen said...

The horses seemed to find it entertaining too:)

Mara said...

Love the pictures and running commentary!! Beth sounds so much like my Kipp. Looks an awful him too with that black 'n brindle slick coat!

Christine said...

We have the Border Collie but no sheep, so she herds the Cat! Just kidding!

AKDD said...

This is hilarious. I'm pretty sure that IS just flossing. I showed it to my dog and she says there's no way that was a grip. Srsly. Just sayin'.