Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time to Put the Christmas Tree Away

For the most part the Christmas Tree has remained unscathed.  With the exception of a few ornamental massacres and one scalped Santa. 

I have been blaming the kids for eating the candy canes and leaving the wrappers all over the place. 

I now know why there are no candy canes left on the bottom half of the tree

And the source of the suspiciously fragrant mystery gas is revealed


"It is MY candy cane!"

"I didn't steal it off the tree like Bonnie Brat does...but I have no problems cleaning up the mess she leaves behind"

Speaking of behinds, peppermint doesnt a sweet smelling doggie toochis make.

On the contrary, it is akin to death.  A choking green cloud of death.

"But hey, at least my breath is minty fresh!"

Yep, time to take the Christmas Tree down.  


The Thundering Herd said...

Oops. Hey, it tasted good going in - can't help the coming out!

An English Shepherd said...

We don't have any candy canes on the Tree :-(
But Dare ate a massive Toffee Cake and regretted it the next day :-)


Lean said...

Happy new year and have a great time and lots of story's for us.

Pat A said...

Tis funny. Luckily none of our dogs bother the candy canes. It is our cats. Maybe our dogs watch the cats and think uug cat food, No, that cannot be because they always try to sneak into the cat room to get the cat kibble so it must be more the fear of the cat claw across the nose if they touch the cat's special catch.
Bot is building a special stand for the tree for next year. One that makes it impossible for the cats to pull the tree down.
Have a great new year.

Life With Dogs said...

I like candy canes, but I'm not going near that one!~ :)