Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We are supporting our friend Vicki in her decision to offer her long time foster Gryff for adoption.   Vicki has been fostering Gryff for 8 months.  She was not in any hurry to place him, because she fell in love with him and she knew he was going to need some time to learn how to be part of a family, she was also hoping she could find him a herding/hobby home.  The long period of time in foster care has benefited Gryff tremendously.  After a very rough start in life (before rescue) he is now showing he is capable of bonding with people and is ready to find his forever home. 

John and I were hoping to be able to work him,  but given the turmoil in our pack we thought it best to allow Gryff the chance to have a forever family all his own, rather than being shuttled back and forth every weekend.

Gryff has run in two trials, novice level.  He didn't do too bad.  He has potential as a good farm dog and family pet.  He loves children, cats and men especially.  If you know of anyone in the PNW looking for a new member of their family, please consider Gryff.

Check out his bio here PNW Border Collie Rescue:  Gryff


Emma Rose said...

Big tears falling :(

Debra Kay said...

He's gorgeous-he deserves a great forever home!